Beauty they say lies in the eyes of the beholder. The aim of so many women today is to awe the beholders and leave them in bewilderment.

How do they aim to achieve this? Make-up.

Makeup has become increasingly popular over the years that even teens can’t just get enough of it. While growing up, my mum only applied talcum powder and eye pencil (and that’s on special occasions); she has since moved on with the tide.

There are so many flawless faces on TV and Instagram that you begin to wonder if some people were created perfect.

This is not to say that all blemish-free faces you see are products of makeup foundation; I’m only saying most of them are.

There are new innovations in the beauty industry that are not known to many. Some of these innovations are not actually new but are very effective.

One of such is the Airbrush Makeup System.


The traditional way of applying makeup is by using brushes, sponges and even fingers. An airbrush makeup system utilizes an airbrush to spray makeup onto the skin.

The airbrush usually consists of three major parts; the compressor, a hose and a trigger. These parts can be modified to suit various application but the basics remain the same. The compressor can be modified to apply lighter or heavier makeup. These systems are widely used in TV and theater but can also be used for personal cosmetic airbrush expressions. A personal airbrush makeup kit tends to be smaller and work at lower pressures than those used for industrial applications e.g Film and runway models.

Airbrush makeup increased in popularity with the advent of high definition videos. HD videos make the inconsistencies of the traditional makeup application obvious. Sprayed makeup creates an even, light and more natural look makeup than what the traditional makeup offers.

Airbrush makeup stays longer on the skin than the traditional makeup. Usually, ladies walk around armed with their makeup kits in case of “emergencies”. These smear emergencies are usually associated with the trado-makeup. It is also more sanitary because there is little or no body contact with the skin during application. We all know that those face make up brushes can get really nasty if not used properly especially when not cleaned after every use.

Airbrush makeup comes in about five different formulas, each with its pros and cons and best areas of application.

  • Water-based formula
  • Polymer-water-based
  • Polymer-alcohol-based
  • Alcohol-based
  • Silicon-based

There are various companies that manufacture air makeup starter kit and formulas like aeroblend airbrush, and art of air brush but we’ll be looking at one in particular; Luminess air. This company has made a name for itself in the professional airbrush makeup machine niche that there are so many positive reviews on luminess air. Not to say that there are no negative ones (mostly about the lumpiness airbrush price) but a large number of these reviews are good.

Occasionally, you go on beauty forums and see luminess air complaints and people asking questions like “does luminess air work?” The answer to that question to someone who has experience using luminess airbrush makeup is a resounding yes.

Other complaints are about the luminess direct llc air cost which is on the high side but if you want the best airbrush foundation, you should be ready to sacrifice the few extra bucks and not mind the luminess air price. Also, the skin care customer care service department seems to be lagging. I think the easiest and fastest way to lodge a complaint is by putting a call through to the luminess air phone number which can be found on their official website.

Reviews of Luminess Air Products

Luminess Air airbrush makeup system

airbrush makeup reviews

There is a clear difference between normal makeup and airbrushed makeup, the later looking more professional and natural when applied. Imagine being able to walk around with a face that looks like it was photoshopped to perfection.

In this section, we’ll be looking at the various luminess air system related products that are available and whether they can help you achieve that flawless face you so desperately desire. There are several luminess airbrush reviews on the internet but I assure you, this is the only one you’ll ever need.

Available Luminess Airbrush Makeup System Products

Luminess airbrush stylus system provides a wide range of high quality and moderately priced products you can choose from. If you’re looking for a cheap airbrush makeup kit, this is probably not the brand for you. The fact that there are so many  reviews, whether positive or negative gives a strong impression about their patronage. No matter your complexion, taste, and considerable size of your pocket, you’ll surely find more than one item on this list that suits your needs perfectly. Let me break them down for you in this luminess air makeup reviews.


Luminess Air Basic Airbrush System with...
362 Reviews
Luminess Air Basic Airbrush System with...
  • Dermatologist Tested
  • Minimizes Fine Lines, Wrinkles and Texture
  • Water-Based Formula

Luminess Air Rose Gold Legend

Luminess Air Red & Black Legend Airbrush...
173 Reviews
Luminess Air Red & Black Legend Airbrush...
  • Helps eliminate cross-contamination frequent with traditional makeup brushes and sponges, resulting...
  • Water-based, non-comedogenic cosmetic formulas are dermatologist tested and approved.
  • The Legend's versatility allows it to be used for easy, quick and long-lasting applications of...

This is by far the most popular airbrush system and comes in different shades for varying complexions. Adding this wonder to your makeup routine will guarantee a perfect, wrinkle and spot free appearance that will surely turn heads. What’s more, it doesn’t have the characteristic burden of a cake face on your skin as you’ll barely remember you’re wearing make-up. It is as natural as your skin and worth every penny of the price.

Legend Airbrush Makeup System (hot pink)

Luminess Air Airbrush Natural Glow Tanning...
19 Reviews
Luminess Air Airbrush Natural Glow Tanning...
  • Luminess Air Airbrush Natural Glow Tanning Refill Kit, gives you a professional, salon quality...
  • The Luminess Air Airbrush Tanning Kit (and refills) are an odorless solution, making it more...
  • The Luminess Air Airbrush Tanning Kit comes with 2- 1.5 ounce bottles, helping you get the perfect...

You’ll love this airbrush cosmetic system’s ease of use and fast age-defying abilities. When you use it, your skin becomes luminous, thanks to the steady airflow of fine mist that beautifies your skin with every touch. It takes nothing more than just one airbrush application to overcome any level of imperfection on your face and it’s suitable for all types of soft and sensitive skin.

Legend airbrush makeup system (aqua and white)

Luminess Air Aqua & White Legend Airbrush...
173 Reviews
Luminess Air Aqua & White Legend Airbrush...
  • Whisper-quiet motor, making it perfect to use at home for everyday airbrush makeup.
  • The Luminess Air Airbrush Legend System is lightweight and durable, making it perfect to travel with
  • Achieve professional makeup artist results in your own home with Luminess Air Airbrush Legend System

Using this product with totally eliminate cross-contamination and help you keep a healthier skin. Many women who have used this product keep saying it is the best value for money they ever spent on looking good for autumn. The compressor is easy to clean and lasts long.

Legend Airbrush Makeup System (black and white)

Luminess Air White & Black Legend Airbrush...
173 Reviews
Luminess Air White & Black Legend Airbrush...
  • Helps eliminate cross-contamination frequent with traditional makeup brushes and sponges, resulting...
  • Water-based, non-comedogenic cosmetic formulas are dermatologist tested and approved.
  • The Legend's versatility allows it to be used for easy, quick and long-lasting applications of...

Gone are the days when ladies spent hours in front of the mirror and still came out with thick looking necks and faces. With this makeup system, you will look classy and ready for the camera in no time. Adding this to your makeup collection will ensure you even out your skin look, close pores and totally flatter yourself.

Contents of the kit: a typical luminess airbrush makeup legend kit contains;

  • A primer
  • An AC adaptor
  • One bottle blush
  • Two bottles of ultra foundation
  • One skin brightening glow
  • A cute airbrush compressor

Special upsides: the airbrush legend make-up system has the following benefits;

  • It comes with a one year warranty
  • It is the smallest available airbrush system
  • The motor is not noisy
  • Very easy to use on any part of your body, not only face
  • It gives a professional make-up output
  • It is so light, you can carry it around or travel with it
  • It has a very low pressure, which allows you to apply it precisely, without making a mess.

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Luminess 3-Speed Pro Airbrush Makeup System

Achieve a radiant full body coverage with the 3-speed pro airbrush system. It is called ‘3-speed pro’ because of how the airbrush speed is programmed in light, medium and high categories. They are used for eye makeup, neck and face makeup, and body makeup respectively.

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Luminess rose gold pro system

Luminess rose gold pro systemUse this version of the 3-speed pro system to firmly hold your concealer, blush, eye-shadow and other complements of the airbrush. It keeps your entire body (head to toe) looking younger and more beautiful.

Violet 3-speed pro system

Violet 3-speed pro systemQuickly switch between airbrush speeds without staining your flows and mirrors with the quiet 3-speed pro system designed to flatter you and attract onlookers. It also comes in different shades for the different types of skin and can fit into your handbag without taking much space.

Special upsides: the pro systems have;

  • Programmed airbrush speeds for eyes, face, and body.
  • Makeup without touching your face
  • Very easy to use
  • Low and adjustable pressure
  • Contents of the kit: specially packed in the pro system kits are;
  • One blush
  • One bronzer
  • Four bottles of silk foundation
  • One primer
  • 3-speed compressor and stylus
  • AC adaptor
  • A skin brightening glow


Luminess Air Epic2 Airbrush System with...
10 Reviews
Luminess Air Epic2 Airbrush System with...
  • The Luminess Air Epic2 Airbrush System comes with multiple video tutorials to help you perfect the...
  • The Luminess Air Epic2 Airbrush System uses ultra low PSI for soft and precise airbrush makeup...
  • Great for the skin, as you can sculpt, highlight and more without ever touching your skin or using a...

This special cosmetic system comes with inbuilt luminess air videos made by professionals to tutor you it’s usage. You don’t only have the best airbrush at your fingertips, you also get tips on various ways to apply it and get the best output. It is impossible to look anything less than flawless with this airbrush, as you can have a professional makeup artist in the video with you right there with you in your home.

Special upsides: the special advantages that come with using this product are listed below;

  • Inbuilt video tutorials with instructions that are easy to follow
  • It is very light, you can move around with it
  • It is so easy to use
  • It gives out no noise during usage
  • It has been tested and approved by dermatologists
  • You can comfortably use it without touching your face
  • It has a very low pressure so you can make a perfect application
  • Contents of the kit: all luminous pro system airbrushes come with a kit that has the following content;
  • Four bottles of silk foundation
  • An airbrush compressor and stylus
  • One bottle of bronzer
  • One bottle of blush
  • One year warranty
  • One skin brightening glow

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Professional makeup kit

Luminess Air Basic Airbrush System with...
362 Reviews
Luminess Air Basic Airbrush System with...
  • Get photo-quality, flawless looking skin with Luminess Air Airbrush System.Kindly refer the video on...
  • The Luminess Air Airbrush System is portable and durable, making it easy to travel with
  • Achieve professional makeup artist results in your own home with the Luminess Air Airbrush System

Though anyone can use it, this professional airbrush makeup kit is a package that’s recommended for professionals in the beauty industry. If you have this extended airbrush kit, you will become a makeup expert in no time since you’ll have all you need to do the job of an expert and come out glowing.

Contents of the kit:

  • Black eyeliner
  • Mascara
  • Pro airbrush system
  • Glow
  • Moisturizer
  • Bronzer
  • Final seal
  • Twelve ultra foundation
  • Airbrush eye-shadow duo (drama queen)
  • Blush


Next Level Flawless Kit

Luminess air Next Level Flawless Kit

This is for the ladies who really want to make a statement and slay with their looks in a party. This package comes with a makeup tutorials that will break the norm of your cosmetic routine and take your flawlessness to another level entirely. This version is limited.

Contents of the kit:

  • Extra stylus
  • Primer
  • Love
  • Final seal
  • Application tips
  • Four silk foundation bottles
  • Epic2 system
  • Glow
  • Moisturizer
  • It is just the whole package!


  • Refurbished legend system
  • Refurbished pro system

They are both higher grades of the already amazing legend and pro systems, if you want more, go for them.

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Airbrush tan upgrade kit

Luminess Tan - Medium
12 Reviews
Luminess Tan - Medium
  • This is the state of the art tanning system is unlike conventional self-tanners which can...

Have you ever wondered what’s behind all these top models and celebrity’s bronzed look all year round? It is all in the fact that a bronzes skin is sexier and chicer.

Airbrush tan upgrade kit works with amazing technology that tans your skin with a small, low-pressure airbrush that allows you apply the tan on your skin without making a single stain on your floor, mirror or bed.

It is applied without touching the skin, as the stylus makes sure every inch of your body gets the desired mist of airbrush tan. Apart from being a tanning product, it also helps the skin to conceal blemishes as serious as vitiligo, acne, pimples, and many others.

The kit contains:

  • One intake valve
  • A cleaning bottle
  • One stylus
  • One runner air hose

The Tan Refill

Luminess Air Airbrush Natural Glow Tanning...
19 Reviews
Luminess Air Airbrush Natural Glow Tanning...
  • Luminess Air Airbrush Natural Glow Tanning Refill Kit, gives you a professional, salon quality...
  • The Luminess Air Airbrush Tanning Kit (and refills) are an odorless solution, making it more...
  • The Luminess Air Airbrush Tanning Kit comes with 2- 1.5 ounce bottles, helping you get the perfect...

Because luminess cares about your beauty, they have come up with fanning refills to keep you looking beautiful in any weather. This package comes with geo bottles of luminous air tan solution, it comes in two shades you can choose from. Luminess air makeup refills are available for other products, they can be sourced on target and other stores.

This product leaves no stain on your clothes and starts working on your body about three hours after you apply it, and as time passes, it gets deeper and richer on your skin. The sweet color it leaves on your skin can last well up to 14 days.

Special Upsides:

  • It lasts long and leaves a flawless look on your body
  • The coloring is even all over your body
  • It has no fragrance
  • It is ultraviolet free
  • Natural DHA
  • Suitable for all types of skin
  • Dermatologically tested and approved
  • It leaves a stunning look on you that must surely turn heads.

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Luminess Airbrush Foundation

luminess foundation shades for cheap

You will get nothing less than the best with the luminess air foundation no matter the choice you make from their wide range of products. Check them out in details below.

Luminess Air’s Mystic Airbrush Foundation

Luminess Air Airbrush Full Coverage Mystic...
44 Reviews
Luminess Air Airbrush Full Coverage Mystic...
  • Mystic is a premium, all-in-one foundation, concealer, corrector and primer that gives you insanely...
  • Luminess Mystic Airbrush foundation is a full coverage foundation with the translucent look of...
  • Mineral-based, oil-free and hypoallergenic, Mystic's gentle formula is light enough for everyday use...

This is more than just an ordinary foundation. Mystic is a special airbrush foundation for classy women who want to go for nothing but the best.

We generally know foundation to set the face for makeup, but mystic does more than that. It helps solve skin problems with its antibacterial qualities, thanks to the neem extract contained in it. It also has antioxidants that help you stay young by combating those free radicals responsible for aging the skin.

It is also very economical, you don’t have to use so much of it. Just apply a few drops and watch your scars, tough birthmarks, spots and even tattoos go away.

Mystic comes in varying sizes and medium shade.

Special upsides: the super foundation surely has many benefits you won’t find in the regular foundations we see everywhere. Here are some of them;

  • It has been dermatological tested and approved
  • You don’t need much makeup after applying it
  • It is very light and converges every part of the face
  • Unlike most foundations out there, mystic leaves no caking or thickness on the face. It looks as natural as your bare skin
  • It has qualities that help reduce inflammation
  • It is water resistant
  • It has never been tested on animals
  • It is a multipurpose product, it serves as a concealer, foundation, and corrector at the same time, all in one product.
  • Compatible with all skin types
  • Fine lines and wrinkles Wrinkles, pimples, dark circles and other imperfections will totally disappear when the mystic foundation is used.
  • It is sweat resistant and stays fresh on the face all day long.
  • Ultra airbrush foundation

Ultra airbrush foundation is a smooth wonder that easily solves the problem of irregular type of skin. Some people have oily skin on the nose, dry skin on the jaws, and normal skin on the forehead. When the foundation is applied uniformly as it should, the different qualities of the skin on such faces start to show reactions, usually not immediately after application though, but either way, the appearance is not pleasant.

Ultra airbrush foundation is made in such a way that all skin types on your face get the varying amounts if foundation needed to stay normal and last long without leaving you worded about when next your face will start dripping. In the example I made above, the oily skin om the nose will get absorbs, the dry skin in the dry skin on the jaw will get hydrated and the entire face looks radiant and sweat free.

People like me who love to keep things like and those who hardly have time to do long makeup routines are going to love this product. It leaves the face looking as natural and breathable as possible. It can be used on daily basis and is made of oil-free ingredients. You will surely slay and glow with this foundation gracing your face.

Women of all son types can use this foundation, but it has qualities that will be better appreciated by ladies with skin combination or similar issues and also, those who like to keep things light and natural.

Special upsides: using the ultra airbrush foundation will give you these amazing benefits;

  • It is very gentle, so whatever skin issues you might have is not a problem, you can use it.
  • Completely buries wrinkles and other imperfections
  • It can stay up to 18 hours
  • It can last up to 18 hours straight
  • It is economical and lasts long

Silk Four-In-One Airbrush Foundation

Luminess Air Airbrush Silk 4-in-1 Enhanced...
90 Reviews
Luminess Air Airbrush Silk 4-in-1 Enhanced...
  • Hydrolyzed silk threads are strong, fibrous and elastic, preventing Silk from creasing or settling...
  • With just one light airbrush application, wrinkles instantly soften, pores diminish and visible...
  • Mineral-based, oil-free and hypoallergenic, Silk's gentle formula is light enough for everyday use,...

What’s behind the name four-in-one? There must be something really unique about this airbrush foundation. It has been the top-selling foundation and still holds that record today. To clear the air, a lot is really unique about this foundation, first of all, the name is derived from the multipurpose nature; it is a combination of concealer, a foundation, an anti aging serum and a hydrating moisturizer. No wonder it is known as a miracle foundation.

A lot can be done in just a single application. A lot of women, especially those who prefer keeping things light and fast will fall in love with this wonderful product.

Imagine having to rush for a presentation at the office or running late for an interview; such a case would require you to look as classy as possible but the situation of limited time can make you appear late. Instead of having to choose between looking shabby and making it on time, the four-in-one airbrush foundation will get a lot done in just one light application.

This airbrush system is made of fine silk threads and natural moisturizers to soften your skin and make you look much younger than your age. It also has nutrients that take care of your skin and keep it healthy. Your skin tone will get evened out so well and you will look so polished and refined, people may start thinking you are some kind of celebrity or high-class model.

It is really wonderful that so much can be done in such little time and you will still come out looking better than ever.

No matter the size and level of your facial blemishes, a single application of this breakthrough foundation will completely cover it like you never had them. If you like luxury, want to spend less time making yourself beautiful and still come out classier than ever with a smooth silky appearance, then this four-in-one airbrush foundation is for you.

Special upsides: flatter yourself and shine with these unique benefits of the four in one airbrush foundation.

  • It gives a silky smooth finishing to your skin
  • It is weightless
  • It is oil free
  • It does not clog pores on the skin, so you are safe (clogging tends to cause acne on the face)
  • It is sweat and water resistant

Matte Airbrush Foundation

Luminess Air Airbrush Matte Finish...
101 Reviews
Luminess Air Airbrush Matte Finish...
  • Dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested, making it ideal for everyday wear
  • Light and weightless long-lasting formula that helps you look flawless for up to 18 hours
  • Luminess Air Airbrush Matte Foundation is an al- in-one foundation providing medium to full coverage...

Luminess offers another great airbrush foundation with great features that meet special needs.

Women like me who have oily skin know the advantages that come with it, but we are not forgetting the downsides of having a dripping face every now and them. Matte foundation is perfect for oily skinned women, it has been made in such a way that all the problems associated with an oily or combination skin will not be felt.

Remember those days you used to look into the mirror and watch your face with frustration because most of your foundation have swum into the river created by your oily face? Remember having to excuse yourself every now and then to the ladies room, not because you are pressed, but because you need to recheck your makeup before it embarrasses you? Remember spending so much money on products that promise to handle the oiliness of skin and keep your makeup in place? Well, those days are officially over.

Matte naturally eliminates shine, it has a well-known mineral that absorbs oil from the skin and gives it a soothing quality. This mineral is responsible for matte foundation’s ability to clear out pores and absorb excess facial oil without leaving it too dried up. It also has other naturally occurring ingredients that help prevent clogging and improve the general health of the skin.

Matte is available in different shades and is best for women who have oily skin.

Special upsides:

  • It has natural ingredients that will boost the health of your skin
  • It is long lasting
  • It doesn’t support clogging

Silk Airbrush Foundation

Luminess Air Airbrush Silk 4-in-1 Enhanced...
90 Reviews
Luminess Air Airbrush Silk 4-in-1 Enhanced...
  • Hydrolyzed silk threads are strong, fibrous and elastic, preventing Silk from creasing or settling...
  • With just one light airbrush application, wrinkles instantly soften, pores diminish and visible...
  • Mineral-based, oil-free and hypoallergenic, Silk's gentle formula is light enough for everyday use,...

The use of silk is usually linked to clothes, but luminess is bringing it right int our makeup kits with this fish airbrush foundation. It has nutrients, moisturizers, and glycerine that serve as agents helping the face to stay soft and smooth.

This foundation is not specific to any skin type as all women will find it very useful regardless of their skin type. While other makeup products are sometimes part of what’s making the skin to have issues with impurities and clogging, silk foundation stands as an active product which makes the skin healthier.

Silk airbrush foundation has neem extract which gives it its anti-inflammatory properties. Using it will protect your skin against germs and increase your overall health while keeping you hotter than fire.

If you have been afraid or ashamed to leave the house because of your scars, get confident and apply this foundation. Not only will your scars be buried, you also get the help that will hasten the treatment of those scars. This is beyond make-up, it is a full cosmetic treatment in different shades and sizes. Check out this article on how to apply foundation like a pro.

Special upsides :

  • It is formulated with natural products that prevent clogging
  • It is very easy to use
  • So economical
  • It is light enough for any type of skin.
  • Apart from the airbrush system and foundations, liminess has many more products for your beautifying pleasure.


photo finish airbrush reviews


Luminess Air Airbrush X-Out Concealer, Light
2 Reviews
Luminess Air Airbrush X-Out Concealer, Light
  • Luminess Air X-Out Airbrush concealer creates a soft focus effect, illuminating eye area by...
  • X-Out Air brush concealer is ultra-hydrating helping foundation appear smooth and natural
  • X-Out Airbrush concealer is available in 3 shades - Light, Medium, Dark

Perfecting the complexion has never been easier, use luminess airbrush essentials to break the Internet with your pictures and steal the show at any occasion you find yourself. After carefully applying your foundation, any of these essentials can be applied to spice up the already camera-ready face.

Porcelain— this primer helps your ski. tone to stay even all day long, it also smoothens the texture of the skin. The best way to use it is to apply it before you spray your foundation.

Eraser— before you apply your foundation, take this corrector and spray on your imperfect skin areas like the pores, spots, uneven skin tone, acne, etc. It is one of the best selling airbrush essentials in luminess line.

X-Out—this is a super concealer which can hide your eye bags, dark circles, and any other related imperfections. It is ultra hydrating and brings a lot of focus to the eyes. You’d probably have more prominent eyes than Adele after using this concealer. Applying this will require some of the good old touching skills; before spraying in your foundation, spray X-Out under the eyes and use your fingertips to even it out by rubbing slowly.


Luminess Air Airbrush Moisturizing Makeup...
22 Reviews
Luminess Air Airbrush Moisturizing Makeup...
  • Serves as a moisturizer and primer for airbrush foundation
  • Oil-Free
  • The Luminess Air Airbrush Moisturizer/ Primer Contains vitamin E

When you talk about a top-notch combination of skincare and primer, the airbrush moisturizer primer comes to mind immediately.

It is very rich in nutrients from constituents like olive oil and vitamin E extract, so your skin is in the safe hands of nature and you have nothing to worry about, it is safe for everyday use. It is also oil free and water based. You can apply it after or before you spray your foundation, no matter your skin type, it is perfect either way.


Luminess Air Airbrush Cosmetic Makeup - Final...
11 Reviews
Luminess Air Airbrush Cosmetic Makeup - Final...
  • Luminess Air Airbrush Cosmetic Makeup - FINAL SEAL Waterproof Sealant
  • Size: (0.25 fl. oz.) / 7.5 ml.
  • Condition: Brand New / FACTORY SEALED

Waterproof, that is the word you definitely caught first. While it will not surprise anyone who has been using luminess air makeup products, it is still worth mentioning. This weatherproof makeup sealant is one of the newest products offered by luminess. It has been made to have breathtaking stay power and last longer then you have ever seen before. You will have a face readily available for the camera at all times as it can take you for over 18 hours straight.

Special features:

  • Let me break down the special features that come with this new and improved makeup sealant;
  • It does not crack
  • It is waterproof and sweatproof
  • It does not fade or transfer
  • It does not melt.


Luminess Air Airbrush Skin Brightening Glow,...
10 Reviews
Luminess Air Airbrush Skin Brightening Glow,...
  • Provides a smooth and natural-looking finish
  • Giving optimal coverage to all skin tones
  • Never tested on animals

As you go about your daily activities, you are sure to have all eyes on you with this skin brightener applied on your skin. The skin brightening glow is meant to give your skin a bright look that is good enough to be noticed and admired, but moderate enough not to be shiny or trashy.

You can use it before or after your airbrush foundation, it is up to you. You can make a finishing highlighter or for illumination all over the skin.

Luminess air has a jaw-dropping range of products that will make you never question your ability to dazzle ever again. There are wonderful products for face, body, eyes, lips, and skin. There are even accessories to go with the classy looks these products will give you.

Women who use luminess air airbrush products are no longer surprised at the innovative inventions they come up with every now and then.

What I personally find fascinating is the way they have successfully combined nature with technology; it is so sophisticated, yet has natural ingredients —this shows your skin is in the best hands. Luminess products are not harmful to the skin, they save time, give breathtaking looks and have a natural extract of vitamins and minerals that help your skin to stay healthy.

So, whether it’s for your wedding, a friend’s wedding, a date with that special someone, a presentation…whatever occasion at all,  try your hands on any of these award-winning cosmetic products and upgrade your appearance, it is definitely worth every penny.

Where to Buy Luminess Air

You can get luminess air in stores. There are so many online on Amazon and offline outlets that sell luminess air products, including luminess air foundation refills.

You can check the latest discounts on Luminess Air Products here. You can also get luminess air at Walgreens. You will be let down if you go to Costco for luminess air because they don’t have these products for now, maybe in the near future.

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