3 Awesome Beauty Products You Can’t Live Without!

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If you’re in a rush, you only really need 3 products for a pretty face. The following products are must-haves, perfect for creating a natural daytime look in 5 minutes flat –believe me, I’ve timed it!

1. Surreal Skin Mineral Makeup by Urban Decay, $29 from sephora.com

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For a flawless face, this stuff is worth its weight in platinum. Goes on light and stays all day long without looking cakey, and even better, it’s mineral makeup so it won’t clog your pores or damage your skin. You don’t even need to wear foundation under it because it’s great for concealing blemishes or uneven skin tone. Since it’s a loose powder, if you apply it correctly, you get a gorgeously matte finish because it fills in lines and it’s great for concealing enlarged pores. Also, you can’t beat the price (it’s cheaper and works better than Bare Escentuals), and while the packaging may seem small, it actually lasts for quite a while.

On fair to medium skin, try the universal color. It’s translucent and makes your skin look positively ethereal.

For best results, apply with a kabuki brush rather than the applicator it comes with. Dip the brush into the powder, gently shake off excess, and apply in a sweeping circular motion.

All my friends use it, so I think it’s safe to say that it works for all skin types.

2. Fatale Exceptional Volume Sculpting 3D Comb-Mascara by Lancome, $23 from sephora.com

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For long, full, super defined lashes, this mascara is absolutely sick. I am so obsessed with it, I can’t even begin to tell you what would happen to me if it were ever discontinued. This is the best mascara I have ever tried, even better than YSL (my last favorite), and it gives you dark, dramatic lashes in seconds. Lasts all day…and night, if necessary. Perfect all by itself for daytime, and star-worthy with a smoky eye at night. The only trick is learning how to apply it. It comes with a comb instead of a brush, and it’s liquidy when you first put it on so the first few times you use it, you’re bound to smear it. To apply, place the wand at the base of your lashes and wiggle gently back and forth as you apply from root to tip. One coat is enough, but two looks awesome. No more than two, though, otherwise you’re going to look like Spiderman.

3. O-PLUMP Intuitive Lip Plumper With Goji Berry-C Complex™ by Smashbox, $24 from sephora.com

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This is my new favorite product, an obsession in the making. I’ve been devoted to the O gloss from Smashbox for close to a year, but ever since this came out, I haven’t left the house without it. Not only is it an awesome lip plumper that makes your mouth look soft and full, but it’s unique to your skin tone. It goes on clear then turns into your perfect shade of pink. Looks totally natural, goes on with a pleasant tingly feeling, and stays on for hours. Plus, it’s not sticky! Ahhhh, I’m in love…

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