6 Makeup Mistakes that Will Age You

Staying stuck in a rut

– If you’ve been using the the same beauty products that you used 20 years ago chances are your look is dated and it’s aging you. Makeup products like foundations are constantly improving to look more natural so if you’re using an older version that hasn’t been updated it might look too matte.

Furthermore lipsticks are more moisturizing now and come in colors to flatter any skin tone and older versions in colors like bright fuschia can look too dry or like it came straight out of the 1980s.

Also there’s been a ton of new beauty products out on the market that will make you look amazing and younger that didn’t exist a few years ago like face illuminators, primers, and mineral makeup.

There’s nothing wrong with sticking to a brand that works for you, but if it doesn’t let it go. Always try to add new products to your repertoire every once in a while and add new techniques to applying your makeup to keep your look current, which will keep you looking younger.

Walking too thin a line

– If you get your eyebrows plucked or waxed too much or too severly it’s going to automatically age you. This is because the older people get the thinner their eyebrows become. So your brows don’t have to look bushy and unkempt, but they should look full and follow your natural arch.

If your eyebrows happen to be blonde or light looking against your skin, darken them shade or two with an eyebrow pencil or powder.

Laying it on too thick

– Going out with a smoky eye, bright blush, and dark lipstick is not only going to be off-putting but it’s going to make you look older than you really are because it’s such a severe look.

If you’d like to look younger it’s important to play up one feature like the eyes, if you’re going for a bold look, but for most days don’t vamp it up and keep your colors soft and fresh looking by using colors like pinks, roses, and peaches.

Revealing it all

– While some women can’t seem to get enough of piling on the makeup, there are others who can’t be bothered to apply a drop. Unless you have the dewy complexion of a 13 year old, it’s important as you get older to make applying makeup a priority if you don’t want to look older than you are.

You don’t have to become a makeup maven who can’t leave the house without applying twenty different products, but to look youthful it’s important to at the very least apply a tinted moisturizer (if you have fairly good skin), a tinted lip balm, and a bit of blush to your cheeks. Also be sure to conceal dark under-eye circles.

Not going for the glow

– If your foundation looks spackled on in natural light or it’s so matte that when you wash it away at night it’s like you’re removing the mask of death then you’re aging yourself incredibly.

If you look at a child’s skin you should notice that it looks radiant and healthy not like it’s dried out or matted down. In the quest for younger looking skin be sure to moisturize daily, and to use the sheerest coverage possible for your skin’s needs so that your it can shine through. If you need extra radiance use an illuminator to make your skin glow.

Walking the yellow brick road

– Even if your make up looks dewy and flawless you can make yourself look years older if your skin looks more beige than white, so be sure to get them lightened either by a dentist or at home with whitenings strips.

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