Airbrush Makeup

Airbrush Makeup was first used in the theatrical industry. It currently is being used for print work, high digital television, news anchors, models, and for everyday use by men and women. It is the makeup preferred by professional makeup artists to use on brides.

Specially Formulated

Airbrush cosmetics are specially formulated to flow through an airbrush. The formulations contain pigments,
resins, solvents and additives like most cream or liquid cosmetics but, some film formers may be added to increase durability. The cosmetic ingredients are FDA approved, and are hypoallergenic, water-based, and alcohol free.

Water or Silicon Based

Airbrush makeup  from popular brands like Luminess Air make up system comes in water-based or silicone types. The silicone based airbrush makeup is what professional makeup artists use on movie sets, modeling shoots and during occasions when makeup must look natural and flawless. The water-based airbrush type is more affordable and can easily be purchased. It is also the type used for an everyday makeup look.

Non Pore Clogging

Airbrush make up is light, gentle to the skin, and does not clog the pores, allowing your skin to breathe. It comes in a wide range of colors that can be used for face spraying or even tattoos. Once applied, it lasts all day with out having to be reapplied. At the end of the day, the airbrush makeup you have on can be easily removed with soap and water or any skin cleansing product.

Covers Blemishes

It is easy to apply and covers all imperfections. The skin looks smooth and totally flawless. It is very effective in hiding skin imperfections, scars, even tattoos. It can minimize the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. It can be used everyday that even professional women who are always in a hurry can easily apply their makeup flawlessly.

To learn the right technique and procedure in applying airbrush makeup and how to use an airbrush, it is suggested that you go through a workshop. Once the workshop is completed you will be given a workshop certification. You can also do self study by following how to videos online or videos that go with your airbrush makeup package.

Tiny Mist of Dots

The procedure involves spraying on airbrush makeup using tiny mist of dots to cover the skin. The application makes the skin appear smoother. Once the makeup is applied it begins to dry and stays on the skin surface. When dry, it will not smudge even to a light touch.


When applying airbrush makeup start with the air aimed away from the face then move to the face area. Apply slowly, with just a light pressure placed on the trigger, to avoid streaking and create even layers. Avoid painting on eyes that are open, on the ear canals or the nose. It is suggested to cover openings with cotton balls or swabs. If you ask the person you are applying makeup on to hold their breath, breathe with the person as well. Ask the person to breathe out slowly when you are spraying at the mouth and nose areas. Once you have mastered how to properly apply airbrush makeup, you should be able to apply it on yourself with your makeup looking perfect on your skin.

Though airbrush makeup has a lot of advantages, the makeup and equipment needed are very expensive. You need an airbrush compressor that costs several hundred dollars, and only specially-made airbrush makeup should be used.

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