Beauty Emergency Essentials

There comes a time in every girl’s life when an unexpected meeting or date comes when they look least prepared. To keep looking your best throughout the day, after the gym or even going out with the girls after a long day at work, store a few beauty essentials in your purse or desk so you are never caught off guard again.

Hand Sanitizer

– Keeping the germs at bay will keep sickness away. Hand sanitizers not only kill germs and bacteria on your hands after touching contaminated surfaces like a keyboard, phone or doorknob, but they are super convenient if you need to wash your hands and there is no water around. Sanitizers found in stores like Victoria’s Secret or Bath and Body Works contain fragrance so you don’t walk around smelling like rubbing alcohol.


– Whether you want to cover a blemish or camouflage dark circles under the eyes after a long day, concealer is an essential beauty item to always have around. Concealer is also perfect for any minor touch-ups you need after the foundation has worn off.

Dry Shampoo

– If you are in a hurry from the gym or planning for a spontaneous night out, freshen up the locks by spritzing the hair with dry shampoo. The shampoo soaks up any excess oil and adds a fresh fragrance to the hair, leaving it almost as nice if you had washed it by hand.

Disposable toothbrush

– After eating, use a disposable toothbrush to clean teeth and freshen up breath. Disposable brushes like the Colgate Wisp features built-in toothpaste so all you have to do it brush the teeth and throw away. Be sure to put one in the purse and gym bag for all day freshness.

Cosmetic compacts

– To save room in the desk drawer or purse, opt to use cosmetic palettes that feature a multitude of uses like eyeshadow, gloss and bronzer or blush. Keeping them together in a single compact saves room and allows you to go from day to night with the many shades and colors.

With a few simple items, you can be fresh and put together all day long. Choose a small cosmetic bag and fill it with beauty emergency essentials, which can be found in any beauty stores such as Sephora or Ulta, or in retail stores like Target.

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