Beauty Essentials for your Eyes

They say that eyes are the windows to one’s soul. They reveal your emotions and unmask all inhibitions that are kept inside. Eyes, in their true form, can be really sexy and stand out. They show the power of seduction and bring out your natural beauty. The Good news is, there is so much more that you can do with the power of eye makeup. Combining the power of science and nature, there are a lot of ways to add definition to your eyes. And just like the secrets that our emotions keep, there are a number of tricks you can use to accentuate those sexy and flirty eyes. If you’re looking for best make up products, take a look at our article on Luminess Air reviews.


In this day and age, it is always important to accentuate your eyes because they are first to get early signs of aging and people can’t help but notice these lines. This is why it is always important to use a concealer– it helps hide aging spots like dark lines or circles that are found under the inner eye. Most concealers come in sticks for easier application while some are brush-on or cream type. Concealers, when used wrongly can be messy. For a smoother application, dot patting under the inner eye is recommended to hide under eye circles. Use your ring finger for patting to avoid smears on your skin or around the eye. Continue patting until concealer disappears.

Eye Shadow

Most people do not know that the secret to a lasting eye shadow is an eye base. Again, pat eye base on your eyelid before applying foundation and eye shadow. You can now party with your friends or date the most gorgeous guy on the block all night without having to worry about worn eye shadow.

Eye shadows come in versatile compact with various shimmering shades to make your eyes look more expressive. Mineral eye shadows deliver true, natural tones. Start with a lighter color first for a fresher look. Shades of nudes and bronzes are perfect for that clean look that you’re aiming for. Swirl the three colors together by applying the first color across the eyelid then upwards leading to the brow bone. Second color should be a little darker than the first one and finish it with a darker color. Blend it well for a luminous glow.

Some prefer using a blendable shadow and deep bronze cream liner to enhance the eyes. There are also mineral eye shadows in multidimensional shades that can be worn wet or dry, alone or mixed together for a more personalized look. It has amino acids and trace minerals that help enhance the skin for a flawless finish. You can blend multicolors to create your own unique shade. Better yet, apply with pressed eye shadow as color enhancer. But using it on its own is A-OK.


Finally, add definition to your eyes by applying eyeliner. Some people want to use dark eye shadows as eyeliners. However, there are a lot of eyeliners coming out. The power of technology has helped create intense and precise eyeliner that resists water and humidity. This easy to use eyeliner has a retractable tip and integrated sharpener.

To achieve a natural look, apply a fine line along the upper row of lashes, starting from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner. For a bit of glam, just intensify the line along the upper lashes and emphasize the color at the outer corner of the eye. To make eyes look bigger, apply along the lower eyelid. There are also some pencils that allow you to achieve smoky eyes like a pro formulated for lining the inside of the eyelid and the base of the lashes. It contains a thicker diameter than the eye pencil to create a more pigmented dramatic effect.


Nothing beats a perfect lash on a first date. First things first, an ideal mascara should be waterproof. Mascaras that are not water-resistant are totally out. It is also important to choose mascara with a curling formula to emphasize your lashes. Delicately sweep two coats on your lash allowing the first coat to dry before applying the second one. It is also important not to allow a heavy coat to avoid clumping because a perfect eyelash adds contour to your eyes. Remember, our eyes are the most delicate part of our face. Refrain from using makeup or skin care products that contain harsh chemicals.

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