Beauty Tips for Teenage Girls

Natural beauty secrets are often passed down through family members or close friends. Most parents are not really on board with make up looks that are not flattering. Experimenting with natural looks is a great way to win over parents, who only allow minimal make up looks. Parents that help their tween or teen learn how to apply basic make up, do not have to worry about catching their daughters wearing age inappropriate looks. Here are three beauty tips for teenage girls.

Uneven Skin Tones

There are many reasons why the skin on the face and neck may have blemishes and scars. Using concealer is a great way to mask uneven skin tones. Look for concealer shades that blend in well with the natural skin color. Covergirl and Iman make great inexpensive concealers for all skin tones. Use a tinted moisturizer or face powder that is not translucent to help create a even skin tone.Full coverage or regular foundation can be blended with a facial moisturizer to create a tinted moisturizer that provides color and light coverage.

Best Lip Gloss

Colored lip glosses and nude lip glosses help to make the lips stand out. Experiment with different colors and shades to find one that compliments the lips. There are shades of pink that will work no matter how light or dark the skin is. Women with darker skin tones can try lip glosses in pink, nude, and shades of brown. Clear lip glosses can be tinted by using sheer or regular lip sticks to create a nice sheer lip gloss. There is no need to wear dark lip liner or unnatural shades on the lips.

Cream Blush

Powder blush often looks best when a professional sized brush is used. Cream blush works well on dry skin and oily skin. Drug store brands like Hip Loreal, will stay on all day without reapplication. It only takes a moment to apply the cream blush with the ring finger on the apples of the cheeks.

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