Beauty Tips from a Libra

Want to look your best ? Who doesn’t? The secret is simple. Manage your hair, skin, nails and wardrobe, and don’t forget your figure. Continue reading for the program I’ve designed myself. I’m satisfied with the results, because through the years I’ve experienced my own struggles in need of immediate attention. So, my wisdom is tried-and-true, based on trial and error.

First, get motivated. Then, get curious. Abandon the old belief that what you see in the mirror is as good as can be expected. Expect more and you’ll find a way to enhance and/or protect the god given beauty you were no doubt born with day one when your mama first laid you in her arms. Our bodies aren’t much different from a house in need of repairs.

The only difference is that our bodies house our souls and how we appear on the outside reflects how we feel about ourselves. When you want to work on your spirituality you may read the bible or some other spiritual guide. When you’re looking for advice on fashion and beauty surround yourself with that which you wish to manifest. Notice beautiful women and ask yourself what’s attractive about them.

Turning the pages of Vogue strip the models down in your mind. Without the hair, make-up and glamorous clothes they would look just like who? The girl next door? If you have trouble imagining the girl next door to you in a size zero Google plus size models. Today inspiration comes in many sizes, shapes and styles. Inspiration equals motivation. Skimming through the pages of Glamour take note that many of the “model” clothes now come in more realistic sizes.

The beauty queen on page ten may be in a three, but often the dress also comes in sizes eight and twelve. Just look over to the side or at the bottom of the page. Price? Fashion magazines have come a long way as far as getting real. I’ve been spying out fits under a hundred dollars in mags traditionally known for endorsing the most expensive of everything. I’m no longer shocked to find thirty dollar dresses displayed in Glamour or Cosmopolitan. Why? They want women in today’s fast paced, economically savvy fuller figured society to keep reading their magazines and the advertisers certainly want to continue making a profit.

So, good things are happening in fashion. Have I ever actually bought an out fit I saw in a magazine? No. I look at the magazines to get ideas. I keep the trends as well as the classic pieces showcased in Glamour, Vogue and Cosmopolitan in mind while shopping. Flip through the pages thinking about what might work for you. It’s a lot of fun as well as productive. We all want to look our best for school, work and play. You can also get beauty tips from these magazines. At the price of four dollars and twenty-nine cents the results are priceless.

Mostly, what I gain from magazines is inspiration. Trial and error combined with common sense has for the most part shaped my beauty/health routine. The magazines remind me to eat well, exercise, dress sensibly and take care of my skin, hair and nails. With homeschooled kids, a house to clean, dinner to cook and writing to submit it’s easy to go off track and wind up looking like a burnt -out housewife.

Here are a few beauty finds I’ve found on my own. Sunsilk is a line of amazing hair products. Sunsilk Hairaphy 24/7 creme is a leave in conditioner. I wore a product made by Avon for over a year, moderately satisfied with the results. Sunsilk is the most effective leave in conditioner I’ve used so far though I just bought another bottle of Infusium 23 which my aunt introduced me to during my teen years. I bought the Sunsilk and Infusium on the same day nearly a week ago and Sunsilk is the only leave in conditioner I’ve used in the last week, because it’s all I need to prevent and repair split ends.

However, I’ve also been using Sunsilk Waves of Envy for texture and shine. My husband commented the other night on the softness of my hair. He couldn’t keep his hands off my strands. Amen.

Olay is making a new in shower body lotion. Yes, in shower. This must be a revolutionary concept in smooth skin. Wash your skin with Olay then relish in the heavenly softness of Olay lotion before you ever step out of the shower. Oil of Olay has always been a favorite of women and it’s no wonder why. It just keeps getting more innovative while maintaining the highest level of quality. I’ll add that nobody ask me to endorse these products. These are my beauty secrets. These are products I believe in. Olay and Sunsilk are just two of my favorites. Dove is another classic bath line. You can always trust your skin to products you know and love.

Keep your hair well conditioned and your skin clean. Wash your hair once daily or every other day depending on oil content. However, wash your face twice daily, morning and night. I stand by Equate Acne Wash and Sea Breeze astringent has saved my face. However, astringent itself has saved my face from excess dirt more so than any particular brand. Equate makes one which is just as effect as more expensive brands. Astringent is key to clean skin. Anytime you start noticing oil or suspect dirt wipe clean and fresh with cotton and astringent. You aren’t likely to get pimples anymore.

Nails.. the same as any other part of your body, trial and error prove that cleanliness is far more vital than anything else. Be sure to get underneath the nail where dirt builds up. Clean means more than length and nail polish color combined. If you don’t start clean why start at all ? Make sure you get all that old polish off before repolishing. If not you’re just asking for a mess. I learned the hard way.

All that said, enjoy the results with your hair, skin and nails.

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