Beauty Tips: Olive Oil for Beautiful Skin from the Outside In

Rumor is that olive oil baths are the secret to Sophia Lauren’s seemingly ageless skin.

About a year ago, I read an article by Dr. Nicholas Perricone that discussed the many benefits of introducing olive oil polyphenols into the Perricone topical skin care line. That’s when I decided to follow Sophia’s lead and use olive oil ON my skin, not just in my marinara.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil Is A Real Beauty?

EVOO (scratchy-throated Rachel Ray has made EVOO a household moniker), is rich in oleic acid, a natural emollient

EVOO is rich in polyphenols and hydroxytyrosol, both superior antioxidants

Hydroxytyrosol slows aging by stabilizing the cell plasma membrane

Hydroxytyrosol prevents oxidation of keratin, the protein essential to healthy, supple skin, lustrous hair and strong nails


What’s In Those Fancy Body Lotions?

Olive oil! Just one look at the label on many of the priciest face creams and body lotions reveals that the “special” ingredient you’re paying ungodly amounts for is actually just polyphenols derived from EVOO.


Luxe Skincare On The Cheap

Initially, I planned to order olive oil products straight from Dr. Perricone. I logged on to the Perricone’s website and stopped cold in my tracks. A 2oz pump of Nutrient Face Fortifier (Olive Oil polyphenols) goes for a staggering $90. Not $9.00. Not $19. NINE-TEE dollars!

Before I could mistakenly click the “Add to Shopping Cart” button, I rushed off to Trader Joes. There I bought a large JUG of EVOO for $7.99. That night, after showering I rubbed the oil all over my body with wild abandon.

When was the last time you did that with a jar of La Prarie? I mean, 8 buck-chuck – why hold back?


I’m No Greasy Pig

Assuming the oil would leave me feeling like an oil slick I planned ahead and put my “self-tanner-night” sheets on the bed. I was pleasantly surprised that the EVOO soaked quickly into my skin. No greasy residue was left behind on my pajamas or sheets.

I was so pleased with the way the oil penetrated my skin that the following night I bravely dabbed the olive oil on my face before crawling into bed. In the morning there was not a trace on the pillow case – my face literally drank it up.


Bella Likes It

One interesting result of slathering olive oil on my skin is that my pug/daughter Bella now licks my bare legs incessantly.

The licks happen while I am in the kitchen preparing dinner, continue from under the dinner table, and culminate with a few last minute puggy tongue-flicks while I brush my teeth before bed. It was cute at first. Now it is just obsessive. Luckily, Fall is just around the corner, a pair of sweatpants ought to dissuade her a bit.


If The Skin Snobs Only Knew

I just returned from a fabulous getaway at one of the posh”est”, snootiest resorts in Southern California. Love the place dearly, but it is lousy with snobs.

Anyhow, during my stay I was amazed and flattered and just plain STOKED to receive compliment after compliment on my skin (and not just from the boutique saleswoman pushing cosmetics either).

Seriously, it came from all fronts – the ladies locker room (pardon me, “ladies lounge”)-where I wore not a trace of make-up, poolside, and in the gym.

Most astonishing was that the compliments came from other women! It’s one thing when a guy remarks on the lusciousness of your complexion while staring at your d├ęcolletage, quite another when WOMEN who spend ungodly amounts on the world’s finest skincare ask what you use on your face.


The Toughie

What are you supposed to tell the Prada-clad, Vuitton-toting woman who asks the secret to your skin success?

“Uh, I rub myself down with olive oil from TJ’s?”

I kept my responses simple, yet honest – “I’m a fan of olive oil” seemed to satisfy and intrigue these ladies/skin vultures.


Take EEOV Out Of The Kitchen

Treating you face the same way you treat your pasta may feel a little strange. But I am telling you my skin has never been so soft or radiant. I’ve also had zero breakout issues which was something that concerned me. I figured oil might clog my pores, but no such thing. I have nothing but good things to say about this inexpensive way to get skin that looks and feels indulged.


EEOV baby!

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