Common Makeup Mistakes Fair Skinned Women Make

Women with fair skin have their own unique challenges when it comes to choosing and applying makeup.The wrong shades and colors can look harsh and unflattering while simply applying even the most attractive of shades with a heavy hand can make a fair skinned woman look overly made up and as though she is trying to hide her natural features. This article will point out the most common makeup mistakes that fair skinned women make and how to avoid them.

1. Choosing The Wrong Foundation

Many over the counter drugstore foundations are too dark for fair skinned women. Even the lightest shade of foundations in popular makeup lines may be too dark for your fair skin. Choosing a foundation that looks natural is the single most important makeup challenge for a fair skinned woman. It may take many different tries as well as seeking the opinion and recommendation from a makeup artist at the mall, and possibly spending more than you would like to, but applying a fully made up face over the correct shade of foundation is paramount for fair skinned women.

2. Applying Too Much Makeup

Fair skinned women are often under the misconception that they must apply more makeup than women with darker complexions. This can result in in a very unflattering look. Makeup should look natural and enhance a woman’s natural beauty. It should always be applied with the goal of looking like very little makeup was used at all. By choosing the correct shades and colors and keeping in mind that less is more, fair skinned women can hi light their best features and downplay any skin imperfections with a minimal amount of makeup.

3.  Not Blending Thoroughly

This is especially true when it comes to foundation. Unfortunately, any makeup blunders are that much more noticeable on fair skinned women. Foundation as well as blush and eye shadow needs to be blended thoroughly to avoid harsh and noticeable lines and streaks. Foundation needs to blended well into the neckline to avoid the “makeup mask” that fair skinned women can easily have.

4. Choosing Harsh Colors

Fair skinned women must be very careful when choosing blush, eyeliner, mascara and eye shadow colors. It may seem like the best option to hi light fair skin is to choose bold and very dark colors. These can look far too harsh on very fair skin. Peachy or rose colored blush looks most natural on fair skin as opposed to deep red. Brown eyeliner and mascara plays up fair skin beautifully while avoiding the harshness that black can sometimes produce. Earth toned eyeshadow will perfectly hi light the light eyes of a fair skinned woman while looking natural and subtle.

5. Tanning

Fair skinned women often spend hours in the sun or at the tanning salon to try and achieve a darker complexion. Not only is is this extremely harmful to one’s skin and health as it can lead to skin cancer, it also causes premature wrinkling. The better option for fair skinned women to warm up their complexion a bit is to use a very light bronzer and apply it sparingly.

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