Eyebrow Health

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul. If so, then the eyebrows are the window treatments. This means that the eyebrows can help dictate what others would say about a person. Your being sexy, silly, or sassy can depend on what kind of eyebrows you have. Keeping your eyebrows healthy is a sign of loving yourself and your facial features.

Here are some ways of keeping your eyebrows healthy.

1. Brush the eyebrows so that the hairs stay together, leaving the long coarse hairs unnoticed. However, coarse long hairs, especially if they are discolored, must be removed or carefully trimmed. By removing the excess hair above the natural curve, the eyebrow shape changes.

2. Use colored eyebrow gels to give a thicker look to the eyebrows. The product looks like mascara but has a lighter texture. It gives the eyebrows a healthy appearance. It is applied in the same manner as the mascara. The eyebrows creep to the skin instead of standing up. Choose an eyebrow gel that matches the exact color of your eyebrow hair. There are clear eyebrow gels that groom the eyebrows without coloring the hair. They keep unruly hair in place.

3. Depilatory waxing is another way of maintaining healthy eyebrows. Thick eyebrows give one a matured look. Hence, removing some hairs will keep the good shape of the eyebrows. However waxing removes the hair from their roots and it usually takes about four weeks to see the re-growth.

4. Plucking or tweezing is also a method of grooming the eyebrows. Due to the sensitive nature of the eye tissue, tweezing is considered the most suitable choice for temporary hair removal from the eyebrows. Plucking removes the stray hairs on the eyebrows and brings out the brow shape.

Always Think Safety!

Plucking and waxing are painful methods but they are safe. Other methods have to be avoided because they are unsuitable to do around the eyes.

For example cutting brow hairs with scissors is not a safe method because the scissors are pointed and you might accidentally cut your eye.

Shaving uses a razor, which has a blade that is not safe to be used near the eye area.

Depilatory cream is a strong alkaline chemical cream that dissolves the hair after five to ten minutes. The cream might flow in your eyes and can burn or even cause blindness.

So be careful when working on your eyebrows.

Reshape Brows

The eyebrows protect the eyes from moisture and dust and cushion the skin from physical injury. Aside from keeping the eyebrows healthy, reshape them to help enhance and show the best features of your eyes. They should be in balance with the rest of your facial features. The right brow shape for you depends on your facial proportions and natural brow shape. Although perfecting the brow shape is not achievable for every person, skillful application of cosmetic products can create the illusion of the desired brow shape.

As we mentioned in our Luminess Air make up reviews article Keeping your eyebrows healthy requires you to be concerned about your facial features. Makeup enhances the eyebrows and if we say that eyebrows balance the facial features and enhance the eyes, which are the most expressive feature of the face, then proper care of the eyebrows should be accorded to them just like any other part of your face.

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