Eyebrow Shaping for Your Face

Your eyebrows have a great effect on defining and highlighting not only your eyes but your face as well. A well groomed eyebrow gives you that polished and sophisticated look. Determining the ideal shape of your eyebrows depends mainly on your facial bone structure.

You may opt to consult a professional and let him work on your brows most especially if you are a first timer in grooming them. Once you get started with those perfectly groomed eyebrows, it will be much easier for you to follow the shape and maintain it on your own.

Nevertheless if you opt to doing it on your own, you can find these 3 basic steps very helpful in determining the natural shape of your eyebrows.

1. Determine where the beginning of your brow is – The beginning of the brow is established by placing the eyebrow pencil on the outer side of your nose pointing upwards passing through the inner corner of your eye.

2. Get the highest point – The arc which is the highest point of your eyebrow is guided by your iris. It is almost directly above it.

3. Establish where your brow ends – The end part of your eyebrow is obtained by pointing the pencil from the outer side of your nose, partly slanting it to reach the outer corner of your eye.

Now that you know how to follow the natural shape of your brows, below are some tips to guide you in getting the best shape for your face.

If you have a round face, it is best to go with arched brows. It helps in opening up the eyes and takes some of the attention away from your nose and mouth. The peak of the arched eyebrow is almost at the end making its tail quite short.

For the square faced, you need to balance those strong jaw lines by creating a strong angled eyebrow, where the highest peak of the brow is almost directly above the jaw.

The heart shaped face needs a rounded shaped brow to soften the feature and emphasize the lovely face structure.

If your face is long, the perfect eyebrow shape is a flat brow with almost no peak at all. This draws the attention from the length.

To narrow the width of a triangle or diamond shaped face, a rounded peaked eyebrow is just the right shape.

Lastly for the oval face, a perfect shape needs no guidance in selecting the proper eyebrow shape since you can get away with almost any style. It depends on your personal preference.

Now that you know how to recognize the perfect eyebrow shape for your facial features, a little eye make up will make it easier for you to enhance those very essential parts of the hair. You should consider reading our review guide on Luminess Air products. Always keep in mind that any changes in your eyebrow shape can dramatically change your facial expression. The best way is keep it close to your natural brow line. Learn to love those brows and with the proper eyebrow makeup application, your brows will definitely give you the most flattering effect.

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