Face MakeUp

Admit it or not, beauty starts with the skin and no matter how beautiful you could be; zits can make you look unflattering. What every woman should know is to invest in a good skin care product such as Luminess Air brand. You might be interested in reading the reviews of Luminess Air makeup system And while treating those pimples, here are some tricks that work best for your face that will also add a natural glow.


A dehydrated skin can totally spoil any types of makeup that you apply on your skin. So it is recommended to hydrate your skin with a poallergenic, non-comedogenic moisturizer. It evens out the makeup on your face leaving you with a radiant and glowing

They say a tinted moisturizer is only for those with good skin, to begin with. That’s a myth. Mineral tinted moisturizers provide better coverage and skin nourishment than most tinted moisturizers available in the market. Indeed, being mineralized does the trick.
Now, all you need is a hint of tint to blur pores, dark spots, discoloration, redness, and blemishes. The weightless formula provides enough sheer coverage to even out skin tone without the heavy pancake effect of foundation. The unique citrus-honey moisturization technology nourishes skin all day as it absorbs excess oil for a natural finish. It doesn’t just hide flaws- it prevents them, too.

Concealer Makeup

Concealers are used to remove problem spots, improve dark areas, and to even out complexions. The best ones would have various traits that would suit different skin types. For example, concealers can be used to cover up imperfections such as dark circles, fine lines, under eye circles, wrinkles, pimples, birthmarks, and spider veins. They can be used for touch-ups on the road or when you only have five minutes to do your make-up.

Foundation for Makeup

Foundation provides a flawless and smooth cosmetic base. Blending colors is easy after applying a good foundation. Choosing the right foundation varies on skin color and skin type. There are foundations for oily skin and some provide sunscreen to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays. Some foundations, like mineral foundation, do not only smoothens skin easily but at the same time, fight signs of aging. It contains amino acids and trace minerals to help improve the appearance and condition of skin.

With the latest technology in skincare and makeup, most mineral foundations contain sunscreens and vitamin E to protect you from the sun and help you fight early signs of aging as well. This is a breakthrough in mineral makeup in more ways than one. It’s a winner in every way.


To give skin a bright finish and to provide antioxidant protection, use mineral powder makeup. Some mineral powder makeup contains sixty bio-available minerals, eleven amino acids, a powerful peptide, to maintain high levels of moisture. What’s more, it is completely oil-free, talc-free and paraben free. What more could you ask for?

Most women with busy schedules prefer mineral makeup especially that of mineral powder. With the consistency of loose powder and the opacity of the classic foundation, mineral powder is chemical-free and hypoallergenic. It contains ninety-five percent pure, natural mineral pigments like zinc, magnesium, and iron to protect skin against environmental aggressors and to enhance cell metabolism for younger-looking skin. Search for powders with sodium and potassium because they strengthen the tissue and help regulate skin’s moisture content. Also the thin texture of mineral makeup diffuses completely with the skin to give it an even and silky matte finish.

Blush On Makeup

Since women are multifaceted, blush on makeup contain different shades of palettes that provides a matte finish on your skin. Watercolor harmonies ranging from light pinks and neutrals paired with nature-inspired patterns blend smoothly to let you create a pinkish or a rosy-look using blush.

Some cheek color makeup comes in liquid or cream form that can also be used as a lipstick or eye shadow.

To achieve a perfect glow, part of taking care of your skin is to eat healthy and exercise regularly.

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