Five Beauty Tips for Busy Moms

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For busy moms finding time to take care of yourself can be really hard. If your not cooking meals and running after kids then your driving here and there dropping the kids off and then picking them up. I’ve compiled seven quick and easy beauty tips for you busy time restrained moms.

1. The 10 Minute Makeup Job –

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Looking like a million bucks doesn’t have to cost you that or take a long time. Here are a few ideas when it comes to makeup that take a combined total of about ten minutes a day yet leave you looking polished and refreshed.

A. First start off with some mineral makeup. This can be the foundation or the coverup. The wonderful thing about mineral makeup face powder is that it gives you that even tone without clogging your pores. You look good and it takes only a few seconds to apply it.

B. The next step is mascara. Just by adding a few strokes of mascara to your eyelashes really enhances those eyes of yours. There’s no need to overdo it with eyeliner or shadow, the mascara says it all.

C. The last finishing touch and step in this ten minute makeup job is the lips. Add a bit of lip gloss or some pretty colored gloss and it makes a world of difference. It adds some moisture to your lips and some much deserved sheen as well.

2. Hair Shampoo amp; Leave in Conditioner –

This is a huge beauty tip that will save you a lot of time. As a busy mom who has thirty minutes to an hour to wash and dry and style their hair every single day? That’s why dry hair shampoo and leave in conditioner are the way to go. You just spray it in, work it through your hair, brush it and style it. How simple is that. And at about 5 minutes who’s complaining.

3. Liquid or Spray Self Tanner –

As a busy mom it’s doubtful you have time to sit out and sun bathe or take weekly trips to the tanning salon. That’s why companies have made these liquid and spray self tanner’s. These companies understand that most people are busy but still want that luscious tan and a healthy glow. At the most your looking at five to ten minutes to apply these self tanner’s.

4. Teeth Whitening Strips –

When someone first meets you it’s your smile that stands out and is noticed. That is why a lot of people want their teeth to be white and complimentary to their smile. And getting those pearly whites doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming. You don’t have to get your teeth bleached or make an appointment with a dentist. All you have to do is visit your local Wal-Mart, pharmacy or Target store and you can pick up a home teeth whitening kit that you do yourself. And for a mere $10.00 and up you’ll be happy with your smile. The best part is they only take a few seconds to apply and your done.

5. H2O (Water) –

This is the best and most important beauty tip of them all. Most women let alone busy mom’s don’t realize the importance and benefits of water. Drinking a few glasses of water a day hydrates our bodies decreases puffiness as well as bloating and also naturally flushes our bodies and rides them of toxins. Water also gives us more energy, a nourished complexion, brighter eyes as well as better skin tone. Who would of thought that drinking a few glasses of water a day would be the number one beauty tip and the best part is that it’s the easiest one of all for you busy moms.

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