How to Apply Soft Romantic Makeup

Sometimes you just want to look pretty; not too sexy, not too sensual, just feminine. It’s easy to learn how to apply soft romantic makeup. The trick is to not be heavy handed. This is not about looking natural however, a little color is needed for romance. Think of pink roses instead of red ones when choosing your hues. I used these techniques when I was a bridesmaid in a friend’s old world wedding. My hair was done up elaborately at the salon and I wanted that to be showcased so I used my cosmetics to just enhance my appearance, rather than be the star of my overall look.

The Base

If you must use foundation, choose one that is light and blends exactly with your skin tone. (Read 4 Expert Tips: Choosing the Right Foundation For Your Skin Type for help.) For this application do not use one with bronzing or shimmering bases. All I chose to use when applying soft romantic makeup was a finishing powder. It smooths out the appearance of the skin, especially for photographs, and creates a good bonding base for the rest of the cosmetics.

Your Eyes

Choose an eye shadow color in the lighter range that enhances your eye color. Good choices are pinks for blue or green and light browns for brown eyed gals but any soft hue will do. Apply the lightest to your entire top lid, smudging the line that connects it to your brow bone. Sweep the same color under your bottom lashes. Choose a slightly darker color to outline your top lashes with to make your eyes appear bigger. Finish it with a black mascara to really make the soft colors pop.

Your Cheeks

Sweep a natural looking blush to enhance the shape of your face. For me, I use it on the apples of my cheeks as well as up the cheekbones to elongate my face. I also use a little just under my jaw line. To figure out your perfect application based on the shape of your face, read How to Properly Apply Blush – Contouring Your Face for great tips. To find the right color for you to apply soft romantic makeup, sweep a few lighter shades on your arms and see which gives your skin just a hint of a rosy glow.

Your Lips

With this look, you want your lips to look kissable and feminine, without drawing any attention to them at all. The simplest way to do this is to match the color of your blush to a light lip gloss, rather than a lipstick, as you already know this color works well with your skin tone. For example, the same soft pink I used on my cheeks, I found in the girl’s cosmetics aisle. If anyone would happen to look down at my mouth while talking, it looked shiny and polished but not distracting. Do not leave your lips naked as this will ruin the finished look but do not go dark either.

Set your skin color with a clear finishing powder to ensure that they stay in place all night and tuck your lip gloss into your purse for fresh-ups after eating and drinking. If you feel that you must add some sort of sparkle to your look to complete it, add a little body glitter just above your eyes and on your cheekbones. I personally feel this is just a little too much when you apply soft romantic makeup but some women feel that a small amount of sparkle represents romance. As it is in all beauty applications, go the way you feel the prettiest in this one as well.

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