How to Do Makeup like Miley Cyrus

EYES. The eyes are the only heavy part of Miley’s look. With a black eye pencil, I apply an ash kohl eyeliner heavily on the top of the eyes and keep the layer on the underside small. Tease your lashes out long, and I’m all about the DuWop Lash Venom. Miley’s been known to use that. For colors with this, my friends use silver, green, or light blue, depending on whether we want to be Miley or Hannah Montana that day.

If you want more attention, use an eye color that is the opposite of your hair color. If you want more reserved and classic, match the two.

LIPS. Miley’s lips are very natural and warm. Don’t use too much product here; try Stila Lip Glaze from Sephora, which I can never find or Camilla Balm, which all my friends use because the mall around here SUXX!

SKIN. Miley’s skin gets oily when she puts on too much makeup, just like everybody else’s. Don’t you know it, sister. But!! Miley (and my crew) swears by Sensai or if you can’t find Sensai, Cetaphil cleaner will do the trick nicely to clear skin and give you the room to apply further makeup.

MAKEUP. Miley loves natural makeup, so even though it’s less evident around the face, there’s definitely something there. Also, and I completely agree, she uses absolutely NOTHING that was tested on animals. I love Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer when I saw Miley use it one time, and she also likes products that have SPF, especially if you have pale skin. (Don’t get sunburn! LOLz) Don’t use foundation and use bronzer where the sun would normally burn your skin the most, like your nose and that huge forehead of yours. LOLz!! Then top the cheeks with a light pink blush.

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