How to Do Your Makeup for Valentine’s Day

You’ve got that long awaited Valentine’s Day date lined up with your husband, partner, boyfriend, or that guy you’ve had a crush on who has finally asked you out and you want your entire look to be perfect. You’ve already picked out your dress and now the biggest question is-how should you wear your makeup?
There are three options for makeup looks that you can go for this year. You can go for a soft, feminine, romantic look using sheer, muted colors, you can go for dark lips with sheer, shimmer eyes, or you can wear smoldering eyes, as opposed to smokey eyes.

Soft Romantic Look

For the romantic look, you want to use pale colors, particularly pinks. Pinks with a little bit of brown in them look great on everyone no matter what your skin coloring is. For this look, use a pale eye shadow combination like NARS’s new Alhambra duo, which is a metallic rose mist and a golden champagne. Line your eyes near the lash line with either black or black/brown. Apply black or black/brown mascara. Lightly apply a pale, sheer shade of pink blush at the apples of the cheeks and sweeping up towards the hairline. Then use a neutral or pink lip liner to trace your lips and fill them in. Finally, apply a pink lip gloss with some brown undertones. Try something like Bobbi Brown’s Bronzed Pink Glitter Lip Gloss.

Sexy, Dark, Sultry Lips

If you want to go for dark, sexy lips, you’ll want to wear either a red or deep berry lipstick. But be careful, if you want to wear red or berry lips, be sure that you don’t also wear a red or berry colored dress. The dark lipstick look works best with an understated dress of muted colors, like champagne, white, beige, or pink.

To create the look, you’ll need to apply a sheer shimmer eye shadow, like NARS’s Shimmer Eyeshadow in Cairo-a shimmery champagne rose; Cyprus-a pale shimmery bronze; Nymphea-a shimmery baby pink; or Voyage-a shimmery golden sand color. Then line your eyelids at the lash line with black eyeliner, apply black mascara. You’ll also need a sheer blush color. Finally, apply lipstick in red or berry. Try something like Bobbi Brown’s Lip Color in Scarlet-a bright warm red; or Red-a fire engine red; or Burgundy-a deep Blue Red.

You can also add some lip gloss to you lipstick, placing it right at the center of the lip, for that perfect, moist pout.

Smoldering Eyes

Instead of wearing dark, heavy smokey eyes for your Valentine’s Day date, trying something a little more sultry, like smoldering eyes. The difference is that with smokey eyes, you’re wearing dark eye shadow smudged all over your bottom eyelid. Instead, with smoldering eyes you’re only smudging just enough dark eye shadow over one-third of your bottom eyelid from the outside corner-just enough eye shadow to make your eyes pop.

To create the look, start with a pale shimmery color, like shimmery pink. Again, try NARS’s Nymphea baby pink shimmer eye shadow. Then, applying with either a chiseled fluff brush or a crease brush, smudge dark eye shadow on the outer corner of your bottom eyelid and work your way towards the middle of the lid, stopping once you’ve reached one-third of the way. Be careful not to put dark color directly above your iris, or you endanger yourself of looking cross eyed. Choose a dark color like charcoal. Try something like NARS’s matte eye shadow in Bali, or Bobbi Brown’s eye shadow in Smoke.

Next, apply black mascara and be sure to groom your eyebrows. Unlike smokey eyes, with smoldering eyes you can use a dark lip color. But be sure not to add lip gloss, because the gloss will detract attention away from your eyes. Feel free to use a matte red or berry lip color.

Whatever you choose, don’t overdo your look. Make sure that it is you that’s being noticed and not your makeup. One way to make certain that your look is not overdone is by making sure that your makeup coordinates with your dress, but does not exactly match it.

The general rule to follow is that if you are wearing a dark dress, wear light colored lipstick and define your eyes very well. If you are wearing a neutral dress, you may wear dark lipstick and less made-up eyes. If you don’t want to wear dark lipstick with your neutral dress, a darker shade of pink lipstick, like a nice neutral pink brown looks lovely too. Try something like Bobbi Brown’s Toasted Pink or Tulle Brown.

If you are wearing a beating-heart red dress, make sure that you don’t also wear red lipstick. Instead, wear a nude or pale peach lipstick. You can get nude lipsticks in all sorts of warm and cool tones-there’s one for everyone. Try something like Color Me Beautiful’s Classic Creme Lipstick in 14K Gold with a clear gloss over it to make your lips extra moist-looking. For other nude lipsticks, try NARS’s Lipstick in Promiscuous-a shimmering honey beige; or Honolulu Honey-a warm flesh-toned beige

Nude lipstick also goes well with black dresses, especially when paired with either smokey or smoldering eyes.

For a blue dress, pink lipsticks also work nicely. The romantic look will work well with a crisp blue dress.

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