How to Have Nice Looking Hands

Nice hands give other the impression that you are a neat, clean and organized person. I have been given many compliments on my hands from both men and women. There are things that you can do to help make your hands look attractive. The following are some beauty tips for your hands.

Wash your hands at least three times a day. Three is the least number of times that you should wash your hands. Our hands are touching so many different things throughout the day that have germs and bacteria. Some of those germs may be unhealthy for our hands causing them irritation, dryness and other skin related problems. You are helping your hands to look and be healthy by washing them. Just make sure you also don’t over do it with the washing because that is not too good either.

Avoid hand sanitizers. People often use hand sanitizers to help get rid of germs and bacteria. Research has recently discovered that hand sanitizers can actually cause your hands to over dry and don’t necessarily keep your hands away from germs.

Massage lotion on your hands a couple times a day. Lotion will help your hands to look and feel soft. They will keep your hands lubricated and protect against environmental harm. If your going to be outdoors make sure you wear sun block on your hands to prevent sun damage.

Treat any wounds to your hands immediately. Treating your hands right away will prevent them from scarring and will speed up the healing process. So always carry a disinfectant and a few bandages. You just never know when you may need them.

Groom your nails at least once a week. You nails are a part of your hands so taking care of them is just as important. Make sure they are trimmed, filed and buffed. If you are a woman it’s always nice to wear a neutral shade of nail polish. Men can also wear nail polish however only a clear color is suggested. Any other color for men would be too feminine in appearance. If your not very good at doing your own nails you can go to a manicurist.

These tips have given me the beautiful hands that I have today. I know these tips will help you too. Both men and women can use these suggestions. If you have additional ideas please let me know. I always love to hear suggestions about how to keep your hands looking beautiful.

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