How to Wear This Spring’s Brightest Makeup Colors

This Spring we’re seeing some of the brightest shades in makeup that we’ve seen in years! The look is all about bright floral colors that are dewy, sheer and bold!
But how do you wear these bright Spring shades without looking like a clown? Even Cyndi Lauper had a tough time carrying off this look the last time it was popular in the 1980’s. This time around it’s easier to create a radiant, soft style thanks to blendable textures and sheer, flattering hues.

New Spring shadows and blushes are milled much finer (especially Givenchy’s Arty Color collection, pictured) and contain light-diffusing particles. These new eyeshadows and blushes actually enhance the look of the skin rather than masking it with opaque color. The effect should be a radiant flush of color, rather than stripes of bold hues.

First step – choose your focus, eyes or lips?

When it comes to choosing bright shades for eyes, make sure blush and lipstick are sheer and coordinating. If lips are going to be the main event – keep eye shadows sheer, soft and well blended.

Second step – The Perfect Canvas

An even, prepped complexion is critical to the colors staying true and in place. Use primer on eyelids to cover any dark shadows that will darken the appearance of the eye shadow colors. Brows need to be perfectly groomed so that the eye design looks like a perfectly framed work of art and not finger paints done hastily. For foundation, again, use primer and a buildable coverage makeup that will perfect the look of the skin where it’s needed. Foundations with light diffusing properties are best for this Spring look.

When applying concealer around eyes, use a synthetic concealer brush like those made by Paula Dorf, LORAC, or Smashbox. Fingers don’t apply concealer quite as evenly and natural bristle brushes are porous and absorb pigment.

Third step – The Spring Flush Blush

Color should be focused on the apple of the cheeks and not striped across the checkbone to the ear. Keep the glitter to a minimum when using a brighter shade and blend thoroughly. (My favorite blush rule – apply as much blush as you think you need – then take off half!) Remember that blush shouldn’t be applied any lower than the bridge of the nose, and no closer in (to the nose) than the middle of your eye.

Fourth step – The Petal Pout Lips

If lips are going to be the focus, then use a matching lip liner and fill in with the pencil before applying the lip color. This will keep your color truer throughout the day. Lip primer will also help the color to stay in place if you have fine lines around your mouth. Dab a bit of gloss in the center of the lip – and you’re ready to go!

For a glossy lip, use a liner that is close in color to your natural lip rather than the color of the gloss, and fill in. Then apply your bright, cheery gloss for a sheer, beautiful Spring lip.

The Ultimate Spring Makeup Look – Bright eyes!

Following the tip above for creating the perfect canvas for eye makeup, it’s now time to apply the color. Though the look in the magazines seems to feature every color of the rainbow applied at once, resist the urge to use every color in the palette at one time. Choose the colors that are most flattering to you.

Brown eyes do great rimmed in bright blue or green (especially for hazel eyes) and then using a bronze-gold color in the crease and toward the nose.

Green eyed gals should make use of the fabulous violet hues and use pink and gold shades as accent colors.

Blue eyes rimmed in bronze, copper and gold with rose accents are especially striking.

For the ultimate finishing touch, use a bright mascara that complements the colors you’ve chosen:

Spring Mascara Guide
Brown eyes – blue or green mascara;
Blue eyes – bronze or light brown/auburn shades; Green eyes – violet or plum, but avoid shades that have too much red as they can make they eye look tired and inflamed.

Warning: use colors like red, yellow and hot pink very sparingly on the eyes. These colors can actually make eyes look more tired. If you have deep shadows around your eyes that aren’t completely covered by concealer or primer, skip yellow and green altogether. The combination of yellow or green eye color over the natural shadows on the eyelid and inner corner can look more “bruisy” than “Spring-y”.

The Low Maintenance Bright Spring Look – Going Monochrome

So this Spring’s multicolored kaleidescope isn’t your style – no problem! Going monochrome has never been easier – even with the season’s bright colors. The two easiest colors to use are lavender and rose.

For a soft, lavender look – use light, sheer plummy shades on the eyes and the lip – and coordinate with a cool toned sheer blush. For accent, use a tiny bit of silver eyeliner on the inner corner of the eye, and deep royal blue mascara or emerald green mascara. Apply a bit of silvery gloss on the center of the bottom lip for the perfect ethereal pout.

For the rose monochrome design – use a neutral rose shade on the crease of the eye, the apples of the cheeks and, of course, on the lip with a coordinating lip liner. Then accent the look using gold eyeliner on the inside corner of the eyes. Dab a bit of gold lip gloss on the center of the lower lip and you’re radiant!

– Harsh, glittery or overly shiny colors.
– Opaque, chalky, hard-to-blend blush shades. Keep it sheer.
– “Creeping colors” by using makeup primer under foundation and eyeshadows.
– Clumpy mascara – lashes need to be combed through and clean-looking to pull of the brighter shades.
– The too-bright lip line – always fill in with your lip pencil to avoid the “leftover lipliner” look.

So this Spring, don’t be afraid to go bright and beautiful! Be daring, be bold – and blend, blend, blend!

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