How To Increase Eyelash Growth

As you read in our previous post on Luminess Air make up systems, Your eyelashes protect your eyes from moisture and give definition to your eyes. They are the first things noticed by people so they should look best at all times. Women feel that without the help of cosmetics their eyes lack definition.

Recent Discovery

Scientists discovered an effective way to grow the eyelashes without injections, surgery, or pills. The treatment is in the form of a topical solution that helps eyelash growth. It can be purchased with a prescription. The active ingredient of the product is thought to help individual hairs of the eyelashes to grow in increased numbers. Darker and fuller eyelashes appear gradually within just four weeks. The newly grown hairs are real eyelashes that won’t smudge even when wet. They are thicker and fuller and grow longer within sixteen weeks. To sustain their growth, continuous daily treatment is required.

Medical History Review

Before treatment, the physician reviews the medical history of the client. If the physician is satisfied with the review, the client is given instructions on how to apply the product at home. The product will assure effectiveness only if it is used consistently. The best time to apply the solution is during nighttime as part of the client’s beauty routine. One reminder is to apply the product only to the upper eyelids not on the lower lashes.

Artificial Method

Another way to increase the growth of eyelash hairs is through artificial method. There is no actual growth of the eyelash but illusion may be created making the eyelashes appear longer and thicker. Using false eyelashes is an option to an increased length and quantity of eyelash hairs. False lashes are made from small threads of nylon or real hair. They are attached to the person’s natural lash hair, imitating the natural eyelashes. Semi permanent individual lashes and strip lashes are two main types of artificial lashes.

Artificial strip lashes are designed to be worn for a short period, either for a day or for an evening. They are attached to the natural eyelashes with a soft weak adhesive. After removal the strip must be cleaned before reapplication. Individual artificial lashes are attached to the natural lashes with a strong adhesive. They are worn for approximately four to six weeks and therefore known as permanent lashes.

False Eyelashes

False eyelashes are used by some women to create shape and depth in the eye area, to add definition to the eyes, to enhance an evening or fantasy makeup, to provide long lashes for photographic purposes, and to provide an alternative for one who is allergic to mascara.

Whether you are using the natural eyelash growth process through a doctor’s formula or the artificial strip and individual artificial lashes, be vigilant with aftercare instructions. Here are some reminders: avoid rubbing the eyes so that the lashes may not loosen, do not use oil-based makeup, do not touch the eyes for one and a half hours after application, and gently pat the eye area with a clean towel after bathing. For those using growth solution, apply the solution daily, and be sure to have a continuous supply of the solution.

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