Kissable Luscious Glow

Nothing spells out k-i-s-s-a-b-l-e better than a pretty pout. Prep those lips with a vitamin-enriched lip balm and then lightly dab on a tinted lip-gloss or a lipstick in a rosy shade. But choose the right one for your lips.

Here’s a guide to a whole new lip-smacking you:


Nothing beats shiny lips because dry is always a turnoff. Who would want to kiss those dry and pucker lips anyway? Lip balm or lipgloss, as they call it nowadays, come in different brands and flavors. They also come in different luscious colors. However, lipgloss that come in tubes are hotter because they provide a lasting sheen that sticks cannot. Achieve instant gorgeously flushed pout with irresistible lip shining colors.


Picking a lipstick can rather be difficult depending on the color of lips that you want to have. However, it is always best to play safe with colors. Here’s a practical guide on picking colors for those kissable, gorgeous lips.

Play around with earth colors by infusing them with subtle metallic undertones. Metallic gold, chocolate brown and hints of khaki make neutrals more up-to-date and perfect for a girl’s night out or a steamy date.

Nude lips are practically everyone’s all-time favorite. This is a perfect look to finish strong, arresting eyes. It also makes think lips look full and luscious. Always try a color first before buying because a single shade can wear differently on varied skin tones. Tip: a color that suits almost everyone has peach undertones.

Some lipsticks contain gliding nourishing oils to achieve a perfectly balanced mix. They also help add volume and moisture with plump sexy colors to achieve a dewier look. Long lasting color is also a factor for picking the right lipstick.

Talk about plump, collagen is the in-thing nowadays! The secret to Angelina Jolie’s beautiful, lip-plumping secret is finally revealed through 3D collagen lipsticks. Not only do they make your lips voluptuous, it contains ingredients and collagen formula that amplifies glossy shine and make colors brilliant. It will surely help reveal the natural shine that you’re longing for.

However, some lipsticks come in lip pencils from luminess air. Make sure you check out our guide on Luminess air reviews. They stay longer than lipsticks do!

Lip Liner

Some women like it full while others like it just the way their lips are. However, most women do not exactly know how to apply a lip liner. Here’s a simple yet easy steps to achieving a perfect shape of lips:

Shape your lip contours working from the outside inwards. Moisturize dry lips with a lipgloss and continue to blend in the liner with a brush. Apply the lipstick, starting with the lower part, working from the center outwards. Go on to work on the upper lips. Layer with gloss to achieve that dewy, fresh finish.

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