Make Your Own Eye Shadow

Tired of purchasing the same old eye shadow? Well, there is another option for you: make your own! It’s not really as hard as it seems. The only drawback is that you will not be able to reproduce the same packaging as that of the famous brands like Luminess Air. But once you get the color to your liking – who cares if it is in a less attractive container?

The ingredients for making eye shadow include the mineral, mica in particular. Then you will also need grinders, containers, toothpicks, spoons, and powder binder. Once you have all these prepared, then you are ready to begin making your own eye shadow!
It will only take five easy steps. Just a note of caution: be careful in handling mica. Just make sure that it is already in powder form, and that you not touch your eyes too much to avoid unnecessarily irritating them. If at all possible, wear goggles or have some handy rubber gloves.

Step One: Choose your colors.

Mica has a lot of shades, so this is you chance to take your pick. You are no longer limited with the palettes provided by commercially made eye shadows, so you can now start choosing the colors that you want in your personal palette. Make sure that you are able to test if the colors you chose go well together. Whether it’s silver, gold or pastel, just get a handful if you’re a beginner and expand to other color combinations as you practice.

Step Two: Grind your colors.

Since the mineral is still in its solid form, you need to grind the colors individually with the use of a grinder. The grinder is important since it will ensure that you will be able to evenly create the eye shadow.

Step Three: Mix and match the colors.

This is where the fun part begins. You are no longer limited with the initial colors that you chose, because you can now mix and match the colors that you placed under the grinder. Mix and match to your heart’s content, but make sure that you consider other things such as the outfits that you are going to use to match that particular eye shadow shade, etc.

Step Four: Bind the colors together.

Once you have decided upon the colors and the mixes of the primary shades you have chosen, it is time to bind the colors with the use of a powder binder. You will place this on the bowl where you mixed the colors so that it will be able to form cake (just like in the commercially done ones!). You can also choose to keep it in its powder form, but that might be more difficult to store and use.

Step Five: Package your eye shadow!

Place your newly-created eye shadow with a container of your choice. You can be as creative as want. Choose one that expresses your personality the most and have fun as you decorate your eye shadow container!

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