Makeup Aids

Makeup is used to enhance and accentuate the facial features of a woman to make her more attractive. It transforms a woman highlighting her beauty features. This is easily done with the help of makeup aids  like Luminess Air make up system products at the woman’s beauty station.

Fashion beautiful female brown watchful eye with long black eyelashes mascara, isolated.

Woman’s Beauty Station

A woman’s dresser or makeup station should contain the following equipment and materials:

· disposable tissues to cover the work surface

· freshly laundered towels to be placed over your chest and shoulders to protect your clothing

· clean headband to protect your hair while cleansing your face

· hairclips, cleaning lotion, eye-makeup remover, toning lotion, moisturizer

· facial tissues to blot your skin after facial toning

· makeup ensemble which includes: concealing and contouring cosmetics; foundations; translucent powders; eye shadows; eyeliners; brow liners; lipsticks; lip glosses; lip liners;

· bright lighting and/or a lighted mirror

· makeup brushes

· cosmetic sponges

· hand mirror

· pencil sharpeners

· eyelash curlers

· spatulas

· orange sticks – for removing make-up products from their containers

Wearing makeup throughout the day requires occasional touchups. Even at work it is often necessary to apply fresh lipstick, a quick powder pat, or retouch of mascara.

Note of Interest

It is interesting to note that the first people to use makeup were the Egyptians. They had all the kinds of makeup and different makeup aids in the women’s dressing rooms. One of their makeup aids consisted of oils and creams because they served as protection against the dry sandy winds and the hot sun. Not only did the women use oils and creams, but every worker on the pyramids. Oils and creams were included as part of their regular wages.

Eye makeup characterized Egyptian cosmetics. Popular colors were black and green. During those times, soot was the base for the black coloring. Also popular were wigs and hairpieces. These were made of human hair and were quite elaborate. Other tools or aids used in the ritual include hair curlers, short fine tooth combs, and hair pins.

Beauty Aids

Like the Egyptians we can also make some desired beauty aids without spending a lot of money. For our lip care, children’s sugar-free Kool-Aid can make light color or dark red lip gloss. A small amount of this powder mixed with petroleum jelly will produce a home-made flavored lip gloss. Beet juice applied to the lips by a cotton swab will give your lips a long lasting color.

Women wear mascara to enhance their eyelashes, making them appear longer, darker and thicker. A mascara brush is the makeup aid. Disposable mascara brushes are used because this applicator cannot be effectively cleaned and sanitized.

Makeup aids are important because they make the application of makeup on a face an easy task, a successful one. With the use of these aids one can apply makeup in a professional manner, without them the application will be trully the work of an amateur. Just consider if you had taken away Michealangelo’s chisels when he was working on his statue of David – what would you expect the end result to be? That beautiful statue would have only remained as a thought in that great artist’s mind.

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