Makeup Brushes

There are so many different kinds of brushes for makeup available that it is hard for us to know which one is the best one for putting on makeup. Makeup brushes come in different sizes, various lengths of handles, different head shapes and with varying prices.

Aside from getting to know the different types of makeup brushes, you also need to consider the materials that these brushes are made of and decide which one is going to work on you. There are some people whose skin is allergic to the natural bristle that more expensive makeup brushes are made up of. On the other hand, there are some people whose skin will not get irritated at all as long as you use natural bristles in the makeup brush she will be using. There are also more minute but important details about makeup brushes that are important when putting on makeup.

· Concealer brush – This is the one with a long handle, relative weight and a square head for blending under your eyes, the one with the tapered head is good for concealing blemishes.

· Foundation brush – This brush has a relatively wide and tapered flat head. This is best used if you used a good Luminess air liquid or cream foundation.

· Large powder brush – This brush has a large, dome shaped and full head. Aside from using on loose powder, it can also be used to brush of any excess powder on the face.

· Blusher brush – This type of brush has a large head and slight tapered edges and is full enough for a general application on the cheekbones and cheeks.

· Eyeshadow brush – This brush has a square head that tapers slightly at the corners and is just under ½ inch in width. It is firm but soft enough to be careful especially because it is for putting on makeup in the sensitive area around the eyes. This brush is for carefully brushing color on the eye lids. You may also add definition around the eyes by using the edge of the brush to define an eyelid crease.

· Slanted brush – This brush is small, has a flat brush head and has soft bristles that are firm enough for applying fine lines along the eyelash line. This is also the brush used for applying powder on the eyebrow to add definition to it.

· Lip brush – this brush is small and narrow. It is flat and tapered and is really uniquely designed to blend in your lipstick and the lip liner. If you are the type who wears two different shades of lipstick, then you also use this brush to blend the 2 lipstick colors.

· Eyelash brush – This is the least expensive and smallest makeup brush.

Be sure to clean all your makeup brushes after you use them. Wipe the makeup off with some baby wipes after using. Dirty makeup brushes foster the growth of bacteria and there is s a high chance of it getting on your skin.

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