Makeup Made for Oily Skin

Different skin types require different cosmetics. What works on a woman with dry skin simply will not have the same results when used on a woman with oily skin. Luckily, cosmetic companies have noticed the need for makeup designed for differing needs. Those of us with oily skin need not worry; there is makeup out there we can use!

With oily skin, eyeliner often wanders off where we apply it to give us the not-so-sexy raccoon look. A lot of times it doesn’t seem to matter if we use a stick, powder, or liquid eyeliner. However, Maybelline has made a Water Proof Liquid Eyeliner that works wonders. It doesn’t smudge, smear, or run so those less than lovely dark circles around the eyes can be avoided. The Water Proof Liquid Eyeliner is available in three colors: Black, Gray, and Brown. Always remember to remove extra liquid from the applicator’s tip to avoid runs caused by excess eyeliner. If you forget, don’t worry because this eyeliner doesn’t sting your eye if it finds its way into your eyeball. Because it is liquid, a steady hand is needed but practice makes perfect.

Likewise, those of us with oily skin can find mascara difficult for the same smudging and smearing reasons. Maybelline’s Great Lash Waterproof Mascara doesn’t smudge once it dries and it dries quickly to last all day. The mascara is available in four colors: Very Black, Soft Black, Brownish Black, and Dark Brown. To maintain your health and cleanliness, replace your mascara every three months. Doing so also helps avoid clumping on the mascara wand.

Waterproof eye makeup can prove to be difficult to rinse off. But Neutrogena is one step ahead of that problem with their One-Step Gentle Cleanser. It gently cleans your skin, removing your still beautiful waterproof makeup, easily. The cleanser does not irritate your eyes or dry out your skin. And that’s a huge thing for oily skin as a lot of cleansers make your face flakey. This cleanser leaves your face feeling refreshed and without residue.

Moisturizers can also be difficult to match with oily skin. We know we’re supposed to moisturize but adding moisture to our skin can oftentimes make it even oilier. However, Dove‘s Deep Moisture Facial Lotion with SPF solves those problems. It hydrates your face without leaving an oily slime like so many other moisturizers with SPF. The lotion is light and leaves your skin feeling soft while offering protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

With a little research and some willingness to try new products, women with oily skin can find great cosmetic products that don’t cause more oil buildup that clogs pores. Fortunately for our wallets, the stuff that works best is usually the more affordable makeup anyway.

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