Makeup Mistakes: The Little Things that Can Ruin Your Whole Look

Let’s face it, it happens to everyone. Makeup mishaps are a fairly common situation that many women face. However, they can be avoided with some early planning. Use these simple mistake-proof tips so that you always look your best.

Mismatch Tan

Tanning can give pale skin a great glow. However, it’s important to remember to give yourself an even tan. The biggest mistake tanners can make is to have a tan body with a pale foundation on their face.

Lipstick Teeth

That bright red lipstick looks great on your lips, but not so much on your pearly whites. Take a look in the mirror after applying your lipstick to prevent this common makeup mistake.

Dark Eye Color

If done properly, dark eye colors can look sexy and intense. However, done incorrectly, the dark colors can make your eyes look small and bleak. Stick with colors and techniques that widen your eyes, not minimize their potential.

Shiny Skin

It may look great on your four year old cousin but sparkles are not so great for professional women. Avoid the overly shiny or sparkly makeup. Stick with natural tones that enhance your beauty.

Unruly Brows

Do your eyebrows look like you just rolled out of bed, messy and undone? Be sure to cut, tweeze, wax, and shape your brows on a regular basis. Even, shaded brows can pull an entire look together.

Raccoon Eyes

Black eyeliner can be a great touch to your look, but be cautious of the dreaded raccoon eyes. There is no need to go excessively dark when enhancing your peepers. Try lighter shades of liner to get a milder, yet sexy look.

Chipped Nails

There is nothing better than a professional looking manicure. That doesn’t mean you need to spend money at the manicurist each week. Simply make sure that you touch up those chipped nails at home, or re-do your nails on a regular basis.

Wrong Foundation

One of the most common makeup mistakes is choosing the wrong foundation for your skin. Maybe you think you’re darker than you are? Or Lighter? Either way, wearing the wrong color of foundation can accent wrinkles, fine lines, and other flaws.

Visible Lip Liner

Not everyone needs to wear lip liner, but that ones that do should be careful on how they wear it. Make sure your lip liner matches your lipstick or you could have a weird, visible line around the outside of your lips.

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