Mineral Makeup: The Ideal Facelift

Have you heard about the new rage that’s taken the cosmetics world by storm? Right you are, we’re talking about mineral makeup, a unique range of cosmetics that will actually help you to care for your skin and work wonders for your appearance.

So what exactly is so special about mineral makeup? Well let’s see…to begin with, it’s much lighter, as a result of which you’ll find it allows the skin to breathe by keeping pores clear. It’s also kind to any lines on the face by masking them, to take years off your age. This is diametrically opposite to the effect of conventional makeup, which actually tends to show up creases and lines.

Unlike conventional make up, mineral makeup is natural and light. It’s also better for women who have sensitive skin that reacts adversely to regular makeup – no question of blocked pores that give rise to other problems such as skin eruptions and acne.

Mineral makeup is less likely to provoke skin irritation, as it remains on the skin surface. Mineral makeup has earned its name because of the natural substances it contains, which have a soothing effect on the skin. These products also act against skin eruptions and work to protect your skin from the harmful effects of exposure to the sun, with a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of 15.

Then again, if you should require surgical procedures on your face at any time, mineral make up will, by necessity, be your makeup of choice, endorsed by skin specialists and facial surgeons alike.

An interesting feature of mineral makeup is that you will have access to foundation of various colors in a single set and can select the one that suits you best. It also tends to combine with the natural lubrication on your skin and gives you a skin tone that is yours alone. With conventional foundation, your choice of colors is limited to a fixed range.

And that’s not all – there are still more advantages to using mineral makeup. Did you know that it is waterproof? Doesn’t that make it the perfect choice for use when you are at the gym, at the swimming pool, or on the beach? You bet it does!!

Better still, mineral makeup, unlike conventional makeup, is not a breeding ground for bacteria – the result is that it’s perfectly safe to keep it on for longer spells. Since you need to use a smaller quantity, you also have the dual advantage of finding that your pack lasts longer – better value all round.

Since mineral makeup is composed entirely of natural products, you have everything to gain by opting for it. Think about it – apart from the fact that it does not contain any chemicals, binders, etc., it’s also free of byproducts of animal origin. This makes it the perfect choice for vegetarians and vegans as well – all of which, you’ll probably agree, adds up to a sizeable package of advantages. So what are you waiting for – go for it and you’ll never look back!!

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