Plastic Surgery: Beauty or the Beast?

Let me start by saying that we all know cosmetic surgery definitely receives overwhelming attention from the media. The discussions can range from the ease of current procedures to which celebrity has had this done and that done.

But does the media really give an honest portrayal of cosmetic surgery? On shows such as Nip Tuck it always seems that patients wake up after surgery looking and feeling terrific. After being under the knife is it realistic to think that these procedures are painless?

After doing some research on many of the most popular procedures, it appears that cosmetic surgery has definitely improved it’s technology. Is it painless, of course not, but many of the new procedures only have minimal cuts and scaring which has helped to lesson the pain as well as the time it takes to heal.

Some pain and swelling is to be expected and can last up to a week, sometimes longer depending on the type of surgery and the patients overall health.

Plastic surgery has indeed made it’s place in our society. It is no longer an option solely reserved for the rich and famous. In fact it is about as common as a trip to the dentist. With all of the different options available ” heck we can now choose to look like anyone, except ourselves”. But seriously though, this is why it is so important to remind ourselves that it is a surgical procedure and should not be taken lightly.

Obviously the best and smartest thing to do, would be to research the procedure you are planning to have. Talk to others who have had the same procedure done, that you are considering. They can be a reliable source of information regarding the actual procedure, from beginning to end.

Ask a lot of questions! Are there any regrets? Are they pleased with the results? Did it hurt much? How long did the swelling last? The most important question of all should be, would they recommend their plastic surgeon?

If you don’t have that someone to answer your questions, then by all means take the time to research the plastic surgeon you intend to use. Check with your state medical board, has there been any complaints filed against them. Make sure they are board certified. Also please remember, cheaper is not always best.

As the old saying goes, you get what you pay for. Since it is our bodies we are talking about, it may not be worth the few pennies saved versus the possible disasters one might potentially be faced with. In other words, don’t skimp on yourself or you may pay much more than you ever intended and were not talking about monetary value!

If you have truly made up your mind and feel that plastic surgery is a must, please take into account that yes it is a major decision and should be treated as such.

Also try not to get addicted, one Michael Jackson is more than enough! Sorry I couldn’t help myself! Again on a more serious note, educating ones self can make all the difference between success and failure or in terms of plastic surgery “beauty or the beast”!

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