Post-Workout Beauty Tips

We can not always just lay back and relax after a workout. Some people work out before work, some before going out for the night. So, there is always room for some spare time between workout and going out. And, even if you have no plans after working out, who wants to walk out of the gym all sweaty and gross. Why not quickly freshen up with the following tips. Use them anytime you have been sweating, even if it’s after a jog or a long walk.

Skin Care

Post workout sweat makes you want to give your face a good scrubbing. But, the more you wash your face the more you wash away it’s natural oils, which can cause dryness and sensitivity. Instead of an in-depth washing for the third or fourth time in a day, just try rinsing with warm water. This will get the sweat off. Then, put on an oil-free cream or moisturizer. Tough up makeup as needed and get on with the day.

Makeup Tips

If you suffer from a post-workout red face try cooling your skin down instead of piling on foundation to cover your redness up. Give your face a quick rinse with some cold water, then give it a good spritz with some antioxidant containing facial spray. A cooling facial spray will also be a helpful pick-me-up.

Because your cheeks may already have a pot-workout ruddy tone to them skip your blush, which will just give you too much cheek color. Instead, add a bit of sparkly shimmer for a clean and bright look.

Hair Care

Sweaty hair got you down? Do not turn on that shower, you will just have to restyle your hair all over again. If you were already clean when you worked out then your sweat is clean to, so just add a little water to your hair and blow dry. This will give your hair more body too. If you are worried about your hair not “smelling” clean after your workout try using a pleasantly scented leave-in conditioner for that clean fresh smell.

Remember, these tips are here to save you some much needed time between the gym and whatever else is going on in your life. If you have the spare time then, by all means, feel free to hop in the shower and start all over again. But, these tips will save your skin and hair some wear and tear!

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