Prom Makeup Tips

A prom is a very special time in a girl’s life. Every year an astronomical amount of money is spent on prom dresses, shoes and hair. Everyone wants that perfect once in a lifetime look. But before you step out on the town, don’t forget to glamorize your makeup. It could make or break that special look.

The following six tips will guarantee you that standout look you’re after. But remember, making your face look special doesn’t mean it needs to look cheap and gawdy. You want to look fresh and flirty, not old and trampy.

First, you need to start with a light liquid foundation, nothing too heavy or too dark. Stick with a color that compliments your skin tone. Going darker doesn’t make you look tanned, just colorblind. Apply it evenly, blending upward and outward. Don’t forget to blend it around your chin and neck.

After your foundation, you’ll tackle your eyes. For a more pronounced look, use eyeliner on you upper and lower lids. Draw a thin line, following your lash line as a guide. For a natural look, use a brown or black line to match your eyelashes and eyebrows. For a more dramatic look, choose a colored liner. Be careful not to make the line too thick or it will close up your eyes.

After lining your eyes, you’ll apply your eye shadow. A popular trend in today’s makeup is the shimmering frosty eye shadows. These would look elegant for your special night. Apply the shadow to your lid using a sponge tip applicator. Make sure to apply it to the area right under your brow also. Then for a shadowing effect, go back over your crease with a darker shade of the same color. Remember when choosing an eye color, it should compliment your skin color and not clash with your clothes or lip color.

Now that your eyes are dazzling, it’s time to spice up your lips. Choose a lip liner color that matches either your lips or your lipstick color. To shape and define your lips, start at the dip in the middle of your lip and outline to the end. Repeat doing the other side. Then line the lower lip, going from one end to the other. It’s optional if you fill in the lip with you lip liner or just let your lipstick do it.

Follow up with your lipstick. For formal occasions, use a color that is either darker or brighter than your lips. Save your neutral natural colors for your everyday look. After applying your lipstick, blot the excess on a tissue. If you like lip-gloss, go light. Nothing looks worse than having lipstick or lip-gloss all over your cup or your date’s cheek.

After your eyes and lips look spectacular, lightly brush a light colored blush on your cheek. Start near your nose and sweep outwards to your ears. A light color is all you’ll need. You’ll supply enough color to your cheeks on your own.

After achieving your desired look, step out, show off, and have fun!

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