Recreate Gwen Stefani’s Makeup Look

Gwen Stefani has conquered fashion and music and inspired girls since she exploded on the 90s music scene. With that in mind, it is no wonder many girls want to recreate her favorite makeup look, which in turn is inspired by her love for Madonna and past film stars.

To begin, apply foundation, correct blemishes and fill in undereye circles. Stefani typically uses a peach blush palette. Sweep a darker bronzer blush underneath where your cheeks are hollower and at top, use one to two paler peach tones. If you go with a medium to dark peach, use it at the farthest parts of your cheeks closest to your ears.

Use an orange bronze eyeshadow for your eyelids and a pale flesh tone right under your eyebrows. Apply a generous amount of black liquid eyeliner on your top lashline in a 1950s style. For the bottom lashline, lightly fill in spaces between your lashes with the liner in a slight, whispery line. Finish off eyes with false eyelashes in full strips.

For a finishing touch, line your lips with a blue red lip pencil and fill in with a similarly strong color. Stefani emphasizes the “m” shape often on her upper lip – this can be done while you shape your lip with the pencil.

The last step is enhancing your eyebrows. Stefani’s hair may be platinum and her hair a natural darker brown, but her browns go for an in between color that is neither too harsh or too transparent. Achieving the perfect brow look, especially for platinum blondes, can easily be done with a light brow powder or dyeing eyebrows to a dark blonde or light brown.

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