Skin Fabulous: Sensible Steps to Better Skin from Head to Toe

I know, everyone on earth seems to have the secret for instant beauty right?!? With the New Year in full swing it is time to reflect on how we treat our skin -from head to toe- and make better choices! It is all about the little things we can do for ourselves that can have a huge affect over time. I am not claiming to have all the answers, but if do know if you follow these sensible steps to better skin, you will see real results!

Toss out old skin care products:

A good skin care regimen recommended by a licensed aesthetician or dermatologist is so important. But, savoring every last drop because of expense is a bad idea. Ditch bottles, tubes, and jars that have been sitting around in your bathroom for years! Creams, elixirs, and lotions can become rancid after only 6 months. Always keep tabs on the products sitting under the bathroom sink where it is usually the warmest place in the whole room.

Heat speeds up decomposition, and that is exactly what is happening with your favorite moisturizer the minute you break the protective seal, and faster with your products that are prescribed, contain no preservatives, are organic or natural, contain foodstuff, and made exclusively for your skin type by a dermatologist or aesthetician. These products can expire quickly and can grow nasty bacteria, so make sure you heed the expiration date. Moisturizers and makeup left in a car not only decay they also lose their SPF quicker rendering them useless because of the heated environment- so never store extra cosmetics in your vehicle.

Kick Junk Food Habits to the curb:

Break-ups suck but what is worse is a nasty pimple break out, and I think we can ALL agree with that! Stay away from greasy fried junk foods? Well, according to the Acne Resource Center, greasy fried foods are NOT recommended as your go-to food source due to the fact they can contribute to unhealthy skin problems by supplying it with an overabundance of oil. So, eat healthier including a balanced diet with lots of water, veggies and fruits, and don’t forget lean proteins.

Stay away from all those greasy pizzas, French fries, and sugary sodas as your main source of nutrition. If you must have it- limit the amounts, and always wash your hands before touching your face or hair (greasy fingers causes bacteria when in contact with your skin) and substitute food items that are better for you, like a veggie pizza, baked chips, and flavored waters.

Dance Bollywood Style:

The newest fitness fad to hit LA and is a combination of classical Indian dance, meets Nia. It is total cardio workout, so you will need to hydrate often. While working up a good sweat and channeling your inner Goddess, your body is releasing negative energy from your head to your toes, flushing out unwanted contaminant s-not to mention the rush of blood flow to the epidermis – that provides much needed nutrients to help keep your skin youthful.

Just remember, while you’re shaking your hips to your favorite Indian dance music, keep a big bottle of water nearby which helps you replenish lost fluids while flushing out dirt and oils from your skin.

Soak up a little sunshine:

At least 5-10 minutes maximum a day of sun exposure without sunscreen.. It is recommended by plastic surgeon and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon of The Doctors television show. The mayo clinic also recommends 5-10 minutes of sun every day to boost your body’s natural production of vitamin D which can only absorbed into the bloodstream and bone marrow this way.

Small amounts of ultra violet sun therapy is proven to kill bacteria on the surface of the skin and drys up excessive oils, much like retin A would if applied topically. Always remember to use a SPF approved sunscreen if you are in the sunshine for longer periods of time. Besides warming up your skin, you warm up your mood and all will thank you for that!

Eat your vegetables:

Everyone seems to know that veggies do a body good, but did you know that a healthy diet of leafy green and orange vegetables improves the appearance of your skin? This shot of health is directly related to essential vitamins – especially vitamin A and vitamin C- which help correct and balance the nutrients in our skin. Just like sunshine helps you acquire vitamin D through absorption, your body produces its own vitamin A turning the food we eat into a weapon against acne which an important factor to clearing skin. Fix a big healthy leafy green salad with lots of carrots, yellow and orange peppers, and add a zing of kale for crunch, and reap the benefits of acne free skin!

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