Sleeping in Your Makeup

Wearing makeup can boost your confidence and help you put your “best” face forward. There is no shame in not wearing makeup-heck, I wish I could go “all natural.” However, if you do wear makeup on your face or even just your eyes, remove it when you can. Your face does not need 24-hour coverage and sleeping in your makeup could actually harm your skin. Review these ugly truths about snoozing in your makeup.
The Bugs

We have all heard those “urban legends” about bugs that eat at your eyelashes if you forget to take off your mascara. Are they true? Well, sort of. Demodex folliculorum are tiny mites with eight legs and a hungry appetite. They love hair follicles! They cling to any hair shafts that hold body oils or flaky dead skin. These make good snacking for a face mite. Besides licking the “goodies” off your eyelash follicles, they will also burrow into the lash shaft and make themselves right at home. As you sleep, your eyes secrete and lubricate themselves. Mix these secretions with old mascara-yummy! Remove your mascara before hitting the eye and avoid being breakfast.

Breathe Skin, Breathe

Your gorgeous skin is a living organ. Skin loves it’s self so much that it reproduces around 2 million cells every single day. Some of those dead skin cells, a large portion actually, end up on your face. Without your help, they are not going anywhere. Keep you pores “breathing” freely by removing old makeup every night. If given time, skin pores will absorb sweat, grime and makeup. Storing these “nasties” in your pores will cause breakouts. Unwashed skin is a breeding ground for blackheads, pimples even acne. Give your skin a break. Wash it before you crash.

Wrinkle, Wrinkle

Even “good for you” mineral powder makeup is not made for sleeping in. That is the ugly truth! Some makeup, especially oil-control makeup has a drying effect. Left behind makeup may settle in tiny creases and accentuate facial lines. Granted the occasional slip up will not throw you into an aging time machine-but it cannot help. If you think your skin doesn’t wrinkle or crease, think again. Remember sleeping in class and woke up with drool and a desk mark? Yeah, it happens.

Get It Off

As a busy woman, your time is a valuable commodity. It is easy to put yourself last but for your skin’s sake, take those few extra minutes. Try these steps for snagging the extra few minutes you need to take care of your skin.

• Stock up on disposable facial cloths. Even when you do not have time to get a good scrub going, a facial cloth will remove grit, grime and makeup.

• Before you head out, place your makeup remover and cotton balls next to your toothbrush. It is easier to follow through with your skin care vow if you can’t hide from it.

• Apply moisturizer before you apply makeup. On the off chance that sleeping with your makeup on may occur, your moisturizer may act as a barrier. Moisturizing your skin is a good habit anyway but especially if snoozing in your makeup.

• Store a stack of fresh washcloths next to your shower. If you hate spending a few extra minutes over the sink make it a habit to clean your face in the shower.

Take care of your skin by keeping it clean, even when you sleep!

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