Spring Break Makeup: What Should Be in Your Bag

It’s hard to believe now, but spring is just around the corner. Planning for warm days on the beach with friends may be just the thing you need to shake off those winter blahs. While you are dreaming of balmy tropical temps, make a list of what makeup to pack for spring break. Spring break makeup should be light, protective and give you a flattering, trendy look.

Facial Moisturizer with Sunscreen

Before you jump in the Jeep and head out to see the sights, you’ll need to protect. Getting sunburned can put a real damper on your spring break plans. Start every day with an oil-free facial moisturizer with a sunscreen of SPF 15 or higher. Apply it liberally to your face, jawline and neck. For a little extra color, opt for a product that has a small amount of tint or bronze color to it. No matter what color your skin, you should protect it from sun damage.

Lip Gloss with SPF

This year bright colors and metallic tones are the perfect shades for lips. Dab on a lip gloss that contains SPF. You won’t need heavy lipstick if you choose a lipstain or lip gloss. The SPF protection will keep lips from chapping and peeling. That’s important if you think you may wish to steal a kiss.

Mineral Powder Foundation

After a day in the sun your face will need a little nurturing. Apply mineral powder foundation to your face and neck before stepping out at night. Mineral powder contains healthy doses of minerals that are good for your skin. Bring a shade that is slightly darker than your normal color. After a few days in the sun, your regular makeup may seem to light.

Waterproof Eyeshadow

Spring break makeup needs to stand up to impromptu dips in the pool and a walk in the rain. Choose a few waterproof liquid eyeshadows to take with you. Don’t get bogged down with a few natural colors like taupe or sand. Those are great but also bring a fresh pink or a sexy purple. Waterproof eyeshadow will last all day without creasing or coming off if you happen to tear up.

Waterproof Mascara and Eyeliner

Don’t be frightened by your past waterproof mascara experiences. Waterproof mascara has improved measurably in the past decade. Today’s waterproof won’t damage your eyes when you wear it or try to take it off. Go very black on the color selection. Black mascara will stand out beautifully against your frosty eyeshadow. The same goes for your eyeliner. Pick a waterproof eyeliner that stays in place even if you do some gentle rubbing. Pack the eye makeup remover or some baby oil to safely remove your waterproof eye makeup before you hit the hay.

Pack your makeup in a roll up bag that you can hang on the back of your bathroom door. Keep liquid toiletries separate from your makeup. Place your shampoo, conditioner and other liquids in large zippered bags before you pack them.

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