The Flaws that Women Have and Why the Men Do Not Care

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Insecurities are often mistaken as the perceptions of others. Women spend endless hours in the mirror putting on makeup covering up scars, and trying to shed those last five pounds of their thighs in an effort to become more attracting to men. There is a myth that men actually care about such trivial things. Women are driven to emphasize the importance of vanity for the sake of attraction in men. There are few things women must know in order to keep their sanity and their confidence level up. The concept is easy; men are not concerned with beauty flaws.
Stretch Marks
Most women have them, and if they do not presently have them, they are likely to receive them resulting from the pregnancy process. Women who have gained or lost a significant amount of weight are also likely to have them.

Fact: They are permanent and they can only be faded over time. Men are well aware of this problem and they have shared the same concerns.

Carrying Extra Weight

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There is no such thing as a perfect size. The average women is a size 12.

Fact: Men are more accepting of a woman’s extra baggage than they are. An important trait to a man is self acceptance, whether it is a size 2 or a size 20.

Sagging Breasts

As women age, so does the rest of their body. This includes breasts that have lost tissue as a result from childbirth and breastfeeding.

Fact: Men understand how pregnancy and childbirth can affect a woman’s body. Having perky breasts does not make a woman any less appealing to a man. Most are satisfied with just knowing they exist.

Body Hair

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All women have hair in places where it should not be. Every woman does some form of grooming on a daily basis. This is another result of the aging process as well as hormonal changes.

Fact: Men know that it is normal and the daily routines women go through eliminate unwanted hair.

Birthmarks, Moles, Deformities

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This is another thing that is natural for most people. Despite the fact that a woman might be missing a fingernail; have one leg longer than the other; have a big forehead, it has never made her less attractive to the opposite sex.

Fact: Women are not the only gender with abnormal body features, men have them as well. Men are not concerned with the things that cannot be controlled.

Women spend a considerable amount of time trying to be pleasing to a man’s eye. They would be more willing to accept their flaws if they knew men already accepted them.

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