Thicker, Longer, ‘clump-free’ Lashes the Cheap Way

Every girl wants long, thick, dramatic lashes, but running to the drugstore to buy the latest mascara that promises to do this and more (and in reality, doesn’t ) can get expensive and often tiring since it seems they advertise new versions everyday.
I personally cannot say how well said mascaras do or do not work. I can, however, give you a few tips you have use with your basic mascara to achieve better results at an often cheaper price.

Here’s what you will need:
Mascara (obviously)
Eyelash curler
Eyebrow comb

I personally use Maybelline Great Lash Waterproof (you know…’the pink tube’). Walgreen’s has a buy one get one free sale for this every few months. (And if you know someone that needs some more mascara, get them to split the price for even more savings!)

The first step, is to dab excess mascara off the wand with some tissue. As with fingernail polish, a few thin coats is better than one thick one, in my opinion. Apply to both eyes, top and bottom.

Next, take your eyebrow comb, and comb the lashes, making sure to get in there good. This helps break up any clumps and separates the lashes. These first two steps can be repeated as many times as you like until your lashes look perfect.

*I will advise that unless you really want your bottom lashes to stand out, don’t do as many coats on them as you did the top.

And lastly, curling. I usually do this step last, but you can do it first…its up to you. Two to Three ‘squeezes’ starting at the bottom, then middle and near the top should be fine.

As mentioned, this will take slightly longer depending on how many times you repeat, but it’s well worth it. Doing the first two steps just once will be perfect for subtle daytime lashes. Combing is the most important part. Clumpy, tangled lashes never look good, even if you choose to go without any mascara.

Another tip; Try using a small mascara wand. The smaller it is, the better it can really get down to the root and around the lash, giving it a better coat.

If you did fall victim to snazzy advertising for a product that did nothing more than waste your hard earned money, and let you down once again, these little tips may be worth your time.

So run to your mirrors with makeup bag in tow. You won’t be disappointed.

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