Top Makeup Products Under $30

If you are looking for the latest and hottest makeup trends, you need look no further than Maybelline’s new Dream Mousse Collection. I suppose I am like most women, I hate when it is time to go out and buy new makeup. It is usually incredibly expensive and does not last long. Next to the sticker prices, the next shock comes in trying to find the colors that are best suited for your skin. All of that said, Maybelline has made makeup shopping a thing of pleasure for me now with their new Dream Mousse Collection. Up until the moment I had seen it in stores, I had heard nothing of the mousse collection.

The first thing that caught my eye was the classy look of the packaging. There are smooth curves to the container that make you feel like you’re holding the most modern product in your hand! I started with the Dream Matte Mousse Foundation. The foundation is actually a light and airy whipped formula! It feels incredible on your fingertips and felt like whisper on my face.

I cannot remember the last time I wore any makeup that felt so light. The foundation covered evenly and flawlessly across my face and it was so easy to match the right foundation with my skin tone. Talk about taking the guesswork out! I noticed that when I applied the foundation, there was no caking like some other foundations. It evenly blended right into the natural creases in my skin.

This even cover can be attributed to the foundation’s ingredients, which consist of silicone polymers. Even though the formula seemed to melt right into my skin perfectly, it did not clog my pores. The Maybelline people suggest that you apply the foundation down the center of your face first and then use small amounts on the sides and blend it all thoroughly, adding more if you like. I really enjoyed the foundation and will be continuing to use this brand for quite some time I think!

The next outstanding Maybelline product I really enjoyed was the Dream Mousse Blush. You would not believe how this little dream container could contain such a luscious blend of color. The colors are completely electrifiying and the blush is as soft and pleasing to the touch as the Dream Mousse foundation! The blush is very cream and glides on effortlessly, providing the most perfect cover and blend that you could ever ask for. It is airy and weightless, just like the foundation. This formula will not clog your pores. Maybelline suggests that you pat the blush onto the apples of your cheeks and use gentle feathery strokes to blend it. Always remember to start off with just a touch of color and apply more if necessary.

The last Maybelline product from this line that I reviewed was the Dream Mousse Shadow. This may very well be the softest and most vibrant eyeshadow that has ever touched my eyes! It comes in the same sleek design as the Dream Mousse Foundation and the Dream Mousse Blush. This air-whipped mousse blends perfectly over the skin.


Like its collection counterparts, it is airy and weightless and an absolute dream to wear. You will forget you even have it on! You will get seamless color without the fading that you may experience with some other eyeshadows and eye makeup.

This is an incredible makeup collection on behalf of Maybelline, and I am terribly excited about their breakthrough air-whipped technology. This makeup was an absolute pleasure to discover and I am sure that I will be showing some of my own customer loyalty to this particular group of makeup!

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