Using Makeup to Create a Younger Look

There probably isn’t a woman alive who doesn’t want to look as young as she possibly can, no matter what her actual age may be. Unfortunately, a poor diet, stress, and any number of other issues can cause a woman to appear older than her actual age. There is also the possibility that the actual makeup techniques that some women use may contribute to an older appearance. By applying makeup in the proper manner, you will not only enhance your beauty, but you can help yourself to appear younger simultaneously. The following five tips should help to remove some years from your face, resulting in a more youthful appearance.

1. Get rid of dark under-eye circles

– All women, regardless of their age, can get under-eye circles, which are caused by fatigue, allergies, and sun exposure, and even rubbing and scratching the eyes. Not only are under-eye circles unattractive, but they can make a woman appear years older than her actual age. If you suffer from dark under-eye circles, you’ll definitely want to get rid of this condition if your goal is to look younger. The cause of your under-eye circles will determine the treatment that will work best for you, and the key is to get to the root cause and make the necessary changes, which should result in a drastic improvement.

2. Go light on the makeup

– Many women believe that the older you get, the more makeup is required to hide visible signs of aging, yet the exact opposite is actually true. By piling on layers of foundation, concealer and other types of makeup that women wear on a regular basis, you are only making your skin imperfections appear more visible. You’re likely to get better results by dealing with each problem individually, such as purchasing a moisturizer with sunscreen in order to minimize lines and wrinkles or having your dermatologist perform certain treatments on your skin in order to minimize the appearance of aging.

3. Wear your eyeliner the proper way

– According to expert makeup artist and author of Style Eyes, Taylor Chang-Babaian, women who desire to look younger need to refrain from wearing eyeliner along the lower lash since it can make eyes appear “saggy”. Chang-Babaian recommends wearing liner on the upper lids only, which is a great way to create a youthful look, providing you line the outer corners in a 45-degree angle. This technique will make it look as if you’ve had an eye lift, Taylor promises.

4. Change your lipstick style

– For many woman, as they age, their lips tend to become thinner. If you are experiencing thinner lips, one way to appear younger is to choose a lipstick that is a shade or two lighter than what you’re used to wearing, which can give your lips the appearance of being fuller, and therefore more youthful.

5. Beautify your complexion

– If you like wearing foundation and you have dry skin, you might want to invest in a different foundation. Moisturizing foundations like Sonia Kashuk Perfecting Luminous Foundation will help your skin look more youthful by creating a radiant light around your face, instructs professional makeup artist and author, Jemma Kidd.

There is no reason to become depressed and frustrated as your skin and your makeup routine cause you to look years beyond your actual age. By using strategic techniques when it comes to applying makeup, you will appear younger, fresher and more vibrant, while also gaining a great deal of self-confidence in the process.

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