Want Healthy Skin? Stop Wearing Make-up

Plenty of women wouldn’t smoke a cigarette because of the damage the chemicals in a lit cigarette would cause to their skin. They wouldn’t dare spend time in a tanning bed or in the sun for fear of encouraging wrinkles on their face. Yet, these same women wear make-up on a daily basis.

What they don’t seem to understand is that the woman who truly cares about her face and wants healthy skin, doesn’t wear make-up.

You wouldn’t rub Vaseline on your face and keep it there all day. So why would you allow pore-clogging foundation to rest on your cheeks day in and day out?

Make-up companies rake in billions each year from women convinced that make-up somehow makes them more attractive. Magazines devote page after page to make-up products, graciously offering women a way to spend a ton of money on products that hide their natural beauty and put their skin’s health at risk.

Over the years, women have voiced their concerns about the safety of make-up. Their cries weren’t ignored. The make-up industry responded, offering organic and mineral make-up substitutes at an even higher cost, ensuring women would have to pay even more to “look good”.

While organic and mineral make-up might have less harmful chemicals than some others, these products still have plenty of chemicals in them. Alcohol, collagen and lanolin are just a few of the chemicals found in make-up that have the potential to cause breakouts, which can permanently scar your skin.

These chemicals are also just as likely to clog your pores, making way for blackheads, which aren’t exactly the essence of beauty. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be so important for you to wash off your make-up each night. For women who already have acne, make-up does little to cover it. Focus on clearing up your acne, not on covering it up with make-up, which only agitates it further.

The make-up industry has convinced women that they need to put their skin at risk in order to appear more “beautiful”. The reality is that make-up is hardly beautiful. Contrary to what Revlon tells you, make-up is incredibly noticeable. Natural-looking make-up doesn’t exist. Natural beauty is just that: beauty untouched.

Your make-up might not cause you blemishes, but that doesn’t mean it is still safe for your skin. The best way to ensure you are not slathering harmful chemicals across your face is by not slathering harmful chemicals across your face. Avoid all make-up, organic or not, and embrace your natural beauty. Your skin and your pocketbook will thank you.

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