What Makes a Makeup?

They say that beauty is more than skin deep and behind the makeup that we apply on our face is the power of science. If you put on makeup often, it is important to know its components. So the big question is, what is makeup made up of?

Types of Makeup

We all know that beauty stores are flooded with different types of makeup. And makeup, as well as skincare products, has significantly improved, thanks to scientific and technological breakthroughs.

The all-in-one products like Luminess Air brands are mostly the bestsellers. That is why we buy a liquid foundation with anti-aging properties and sun protection or a lipstick with SPF or a powder foundation that whitens the skin. Or a mascara that helps strengthen the lashes.

Mineral Makeup

Today, there is a whole range of choices for mineral makeup, which is probably the healthiest makeup in the history of beauty. Yes, it is makeup and skincare in one! Longwearing, it contains minerals and natural sun protection. You can wear it all day long with minimal touch-ups.

Mineral makeup is waterproof and sweat-proof, so it stays on while you are working out in the gym or swimming in the pool. Considering the high coverage it provides with just minimizing large pores, it has become the beauty secret of people who work in front of the camera, especially in the US where HDTV magnifies the skin. True enough, science and technology aside, we have found beauty from the earth’s natural minerals.

Loose Pressed Powders

Loose or pressed powders are both similar when it comes to composition. Components include talc, zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, kaolin, chalk, zinc stearate, and magnesium stearate.

Liquid Foundations

Liquid foundations also contain talc. However, most mineral liquid foundations are removing talc from their ingredients, as well as oil and other irritating preservatives. They provide a smooth finish and cleaner look.

For drier skin types, shifting to cream foundation might help solve the dryness problem. While some mineral makeup contains a whitening effect to clear blemishes, it also gives high coverage and your skin still looks natural without the masking effect. All you get is a natural glow! Its whitening power comes from pearl lily complex, which combines the pure extracts of pearl lily and kushenol B (extract from Sophora angutifolia and derived from Vitamin C).

Immediately upon application, blemishes are covered and skin becomes radiant. It’s also ideal for tropical climates and for those women with oily skin as it helps absorb excess sebum and sweat. With its SPF 35++ filtration system, you are protected from UVA and UVB.

Body Bronzing Powder

The emergence of body bronzing powder is truly amazing. Celebrities are crazy over body bronzing powders because they contain red earth minerals which give that natural radiant bronze look. All you have to do is to sweep the brush over the heat wave press and dust over arms, legs, décolleté, or anywhere you want bronzed. Voila! And you have a natural radiant-looking body like the celebs do.


Makeup can work wonders on our skin. While makeup can provide women with a stunning divalicious look, some makeup and skin care cosmetics can really break our skin. So, ensure that you examine the ingredients of any particular makeup before you purchase it to help avoid skin problems.

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