What to Do When Your Makeup Expires

Unlike food that has as distinct and noticeable smell when it goes bad, cosmetics show few signs when they have passed up their usability. If you are wondering if your makeup expiration date will effect the way your makeup is worn then read on. We have your answers here.
Signs your makeup has expired

1. If your mascara or foundation has become lumpy there is a good chance that they have expired. At the least they have passed up their ability to be useful. Lumpy or clumpy makeup will apply in an un-uniform manner. Mascara can be extremely dangerous if used passed its expiration date. Expired makeup can cause infections and irritations around the eyes and lips around the application points.

2. Lip gloss, and lipstick may produce a foul smell once it has expired. If your lip gloss or lipstick is more than 3 months old you need to be careful. These 2 products are used on some of the germ infested places on the body and therefore need to be changed frequently. If your makeup expiration date has passed on these products you need to make sure and replace them because they can become toxic and make you very sick.

3. Does your makeup look old or has it changed its appearance? This can often occur when makeup goes through varying heat cycles. Perhaps you leave your purse in the car during a deep freeze or a hot summer day. These temperatures can quickly destroy your makeup. If your makeup looks old just dispose of it.

4. Your makeup expiration date may have already come and gone if your makeup no longer applies to your face the way that it used to. Old makeup will clump on the applicator and apply unevenly on the face. If your makeup has changed in the way it looks when it is applied then there is a good chance your makeup has expired. Foundation that appears powdery and allows your face to shine after only a few minutes needs to be destroyed.

5. If your makeup expiration date is near your makeup will appear dry, cracked, powdery. Do not try to revitalize old makeup as you can ruin the makeup. Makeup that has passed its prime should be thrown away immediately.

Most women I know have a drawer full of old makeup and just can’t find it within themselves to throw it away. Using cosmetics past their prime can cause infections, rashes, and other skin irritations. If your makeup expiration date has come and passed the best thing you can do is throw your makeup away and go buy some new, fresh and dated makeup. Happy shopping.

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